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Most folks don't know that there are actually two Cities of Niagara Falls. Both straddle the mighty Niagara River, with one city being Niagara Falls, New York, and the other being the City of Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada, which is the city we are focused on. The area was originally part of the Iroquois Confederacy, with small groups of European settlers arriving in the later 1700s and accelerating after the American Revolutionary War when many British Loyalists resettled in the area. Given the awesome natural beauty and worldwide fame of one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, it’s no surprise that tourism is one of the main drivers of the economy. Due to a variety of factors (like lower drinking age, legal gambling etc.) the City of Niagara Falls in Ontario is a more popular tourist destination than its counterpart across the border. Sources: NiagaraFalls.ca, Britannica - Niagara Falls.

Our mission at ICanDrive.ca is to ensure you have everything you need in order to safely and legally drive in Ontario. The insurance market in Niagara Falls is operated by many small and large insurance providers - all of whom are focused on bringing high-quality insurance solutions to consumers. When it comes to finding cheap Niagara Falls car insurance, as well as other types of insurance coverage, you have three main options. We suggest starting with the quickest and easiest option, which is to compare quotes through our featured Niagara Falls insurance quote comparison tool.

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Find an Niagara Falls Insurance Broker or Agent

It can at times be extremely helpful to have a trusted advisor when it comes to more complicated insurance requirements. Things like insurance claims and how to handle an excess of traffic tickets or a driving accident can benefit from an insurance professionals advice.

When considering Niagara Falls insurance consumers that have special conditions or problems finding the insurance they need, we encourage a visit to our Niagara Falls insurance listings. Quickly find Niagara Falls insurance providers or insurance pros catering to the Niagara Falls region that may be able to assist.

Local insurance brokers & agents can offer the sometimes essential person to person assistance that can make all the difference. For the most part, these are highly competent ethical professionals that make their living by selling safety nets for life's unexpected adverse events.

A great many insurance companies of all kinds, as well as their representatives, serve the Niagara Falls region with a huge assortment of protections. These include things like:

  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance
  • Contents Insurance Plans
  • Pet Insurance
  • Oils and Gas Insurance
  • Mortgage Life Insurance
  • Whole, Term, Universal etc. Life Insurance
  • Owner's Title Insurance
  • Student Insurance Protection
  • Professional Liability Insurance Plans
  • Boat & Boating Insurance
  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance Policies
  • Professional Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Home Insurance Plans
  • Dreaded Disease Insurance
  • Business Insurance Protection
  • Commercial Insurance Cover
  • Older Car Insurance Plans

ICanDrive.ca strives to be helpful to all Niagara Falls drivers, insurance buyers and Niagara Falls residents in general. For this reason, we are always looking to expand our Canadian Drivers Directory covering Auto Related Services. We strive to provide Niagara Falls drivers with as many car insurance options and auto related services as possible. We encourage all Niagara Falls insurance companies and insurance brokers to create a free listing in our Niagara Falls Insurance Directory. In addition, as new drivers progress through the various Ontario driver license levels, they may need to get in touch with a quality Niagara Falls driving school. Therefore, we recommend that driving schools serving Niagara Falls create a free listing in our Niagara Falls driving school directory. In fact, all Niagara Falls automotive services providers could benefit from creating a free listing in our Canadian Drivers Directory.

For those who live in another territory or province, who want the best, cheapest insurance they can find, make use of our free "find an insurance broker near me in (your town/city)" service to find an appropriate insurance broker for all of your insurance needs.

What Can Statistics Tell us about Niagara Falls Insurance?

For some insights into the kinds of insurance products Niagara Falls residents might need and use most often, we considered the census data for the region:

Niagara Falls Population by Age Group

According to Statistics Canada, the population of the City of Niagara Falls grew by a respectable 6.1 percent from 82,997 residents recorded in the 2011 census to 88,071 residents recorded in the 2016 census. The 6.1 percent growth rate for the City of Niagara Falls is a good indication that business for Niagara Falls insurance brokers was decent during this time, and that the need for life insurance of various kinds, health insurance, dental insurance etc. grew at a similar rate. Regular travel insurance and business travel insurance was also likely in modest growth mode.

Niagara Falls Housing and Insurance Products

With 56,970 residents out of a total of 88,071 residents being between the ages of 15 to 64 years old, and real estate values rising during this time, insurance products relating to real estate likely achieved a decent rate of growth as well. In 2016, the total private dwellings recorded were 37,265 residential units, with a population density per square kilometre of 419.9 people in a land area of 209.73 square kilometres. Condominium insurance, homeowners insurance, tenant’s insurance, home mortgage insurance and title insurance are some of the most common types of insurance required by households.

Niagara Falls Income and Insurance Needs

The average after-tax income for Niagara Falls recipients in 2015 was a relatively modest $33,091, with men earning 37,868 dollars and women earning 28,670 dollars. However, 3,230 residents had a total income of $100,000 and over (2,360 men vs. 870 women), indicating a number of professionals in the workforce such as lawyers, medical doctors, accountants and business owners. As a result, it’s likely that requirements for protection such as building construction insurance, errors and omissions insurance, commercial general liability insurance, indemnity insurance and product liability insurance grew in line with the population growth as well.

Niagara Falls Commuters and Auto Insurance

With the auto insurance system in Ontario being privately operated, there are plenty of insurance companies competing for Niagara Falls auto insurance customers, which help to keep premiums down. As an indication of demand, 32,185 workers (15,675 women and 16,500 men) commuted to work in a typical passenger type vehicle as a driver on a daily basis, with most having less than a half-hour of commuting time. With the modest population growth over the period studied, car insurance, motorcycle insurance and the commercial auto insurance sector are likely to have expanded at a similar rate.

The Inside Scoop on Cheap Car Insurance in Niagara Falls

To a lot of motorists, the "best Niagara Falls car insurance quote" is likely to mean simply the cheapest rate they can find with little regard to anything else. However, the best possible insurance is not simply about the lowest premium. Insurance is something we hope we'll never need, but when we do, it should make things better in the easiest and most comfortable way possible. If you focus on price alone, you are missing the most important aspect of insurance, which is to provide for recovery when bad things happen. If there are unwelcome delays that go on and on or payment of only a fraction of what you require, then you have not been well served with a cheap policy. It's actually become very expensive. Taking in to consideration these factors and other Ontario auto insurance discounts upfront can help you feel good about your purchase and save you a lot of aggravation later.

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Get a Niagara Falls Insurance Quote

Insurance quote compare services, which feature many different insurance providers are a great way to find out whether you are getting the best possible insurance for your needs. The ICanDrive.ca car insurance calculator is a tool created solely for the purpose of helping you do just that. The free calculator is easy to use, only asks for some basic but essential information and then quickly presents competing insurance offers tailored specifically to your situation. Even if you don't have the best driver profile and are in the high-risk insurance demographic we can still help you find good Niagara Falls insurance coverage through our featured insurance quote comparison tool, or with one of the insurance companies we profile, or through the Insurance section of our Canada Driver's Directory.

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Choose the Best Insurance Quote

Once you've picked the insurance company of your choice, we can also help you find additional information through our insurance company pages, covering additional specifics for that particular insurance company. Doing a bit of research upfront can really help you in the long run.

Is Auto Insurance Coverage Compulsory in Niagara Falls?

Like every other town or city in Canada, drivers must carry a minimum level of car insurance in Niagara Falls. When reviewing car insurance quotes, keep your budget in mind, and ensure you have at least the adequate minimum coverage. However, consider additional coverage options to provide greater peace of mind and protection. As a Niagara Falls insurance consumer, it's also your responsibility to understand the basic auto insurance laws in Ontario prior to purchasing your policy.

Why Comparing Niagara Falls Car Insurance Quotes is an Effective Way to Lower Your Insurance Rates.

An unusual fact about car insurance is that one can submit the same information through a variety of different insurance quote comparison systems, and not find the exact same rate from competing companies. If you have shopped Niagara Falls car insurance rates before, you have probably found that the rates you obtain for your particular personal driving record, situation etc. are frequently quite different.

In Ontario, we have a significant number of insurance companies competing to motivate Niagara Falls drivers to commit to insurance coverage from their particular insurance company. And because each auto insurance provider has their own idea about how they measure a driver’s abilities, driving history, location risks, vehicle risks etc, this can translate to sometimes extreme variations in the car insurance rates you'll be offered from one company to the next. An excellent way to be certain that you are putting your signature to the best achievable auto insurance policy for your situation is as simple as to comparing quotes from as many insurance providers as possible.

Try it now. Compare Cheap Niagara Falls Car Insurance Quotes. See for yourself.

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