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The city of Kitchener in south-eastern Ontario has a rich cultural heritage which is celebrated through a wide and diverse variety of music festivals, wonderfully intriguing museums like the Doon Heritage Village which evokes life in the early-1900s, with buildings such as a blacksmith shop and authentic farmhouses. Kitchener also has world-class art galleries like the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery but is perhaps most well known for the annual Oktoberfest gathering, where beer, sausage, polka music and lederhosen are found in abundance. Believe it or not, Oktoberfest is (at the time of writing), the largest Bavarian type celebration outside of the country of Germany. Source: City Of Kitchener.

The Kitchener insurance sector is a large marketplace, operated by various insurance companies both large and small. These companies are committed to supplying top-notch insurance products to Kitchener residents, by means of the cheap Kitchener car insurance plans they offer, as well as life insurance of various kinds, motorbike insurance, homeowners insurance and other types of insurance policies. Our mission at ICanDrive.ca is to ensure you have everything you need in order to safely and legally drive in Kitchener, Ontario and protect what matters most. To find your best insurance coverage, we recommend starting with our Kitchener insurance quote comparison tool and only explore other options as required.

Kitchener Insurance Quotes Online

When it comes to auto insurance in Kitchener, we know many insurance consumers prefer shopping online. To help with this, most Kitchener insurance providers now offer the option to search, compare and purchase Kitchener insurance products online without ever having to leave your home.

Kitchener Insurance Companies

You may have already decided which insurance company you want to purchase insurance from or perhaps you want to explore other options. In either case, we can help you connect directly with your preferred Kitchener insurance company through the phone, through a licensed representative or via their website.

Local Kitchener Insurance Brokers

If you are looking for a little more expertise and information from an insurance professional, connect with a Kitchener insurance broker and get all your questions answers. An insurance broker in Kitchener will be able to help you understand all of your options and choose from the available products.

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Find a Kitchener Insurance Broker or Agent

With regard to Kitchener Insurance customers that may have particular conditions or complications finding the insurance they require, we recommend checking our Kitchener auto insurance broker/agent and company directory where you will almost certainly find someone who can help.

A local insurance professional can add the sometimes particularly important face-to-face assistance for clients, and on occasion, assist to speed up the procedure of paying insurance claims benefits.

Insurance professionals who service the Kitchener area, are required to fully understand the coverage they sell, and they may be aware of car insurance discounts not available elsewhere.

Many insurance companies and their representatives serve the Kitchener region with an incredible variety of insurance products - among them:

  • Contents Insurance Coverage
  • Motorhome Insurance Protection
  • Gas and Oil Insurance Cover
  • Pets Insurance Coverage
  • Lenders and Owners Title Insurance
  • International Student Insurance Cover
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Business Insurance Plans
  • Boating Insurance Policies
  • Private Health Insurance Plans
  • Auto Insurance Coverage
  • Old Car Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance Policies
  • Home Loan Insurance Coverage
  • Critical Disease Insurance Plans
  • Home Insurance Policies
  • Professional Liability Insurance Plans
  • Life Insurance Coverage

In order to help Kitchener drivers as much as possible, we are always looking to expand our list of service providers. We encourage Kitchener insurance companies, agents and brokers to become more comfortable with what ICanDrive.ca's mission is, what our specific privacy standards are and create a free listing in our directory. All Kitchener Insurance brokers and Kitchener driving schools are invited to contact us to create free listing in our Kitchener Drivers Directory.

What Might Statistics Infer About Kitchener Insurance?

Kitchener is one of the largest population centres in Ontario, and therefore, the Kitchener Insurance sector is massive. To discover what types of insurance products might be among the most widely used in Kitchener, the icandrive.ca team determined to take a look at the info complied by Canada’s Stats Can organization’s 2016 Census Report to make some informed guesses.

Kitchener Population by Age Group

From the time of the previous 2011 Census, the population of Kitchener grew from 219,153 inhabitants to 233,222 inhabitants in 2016 – a robust growth of 6.4 percent was recorded during this time period. Females outnumbered their male counterparts by a small margin (114,715 males versus 118,505 females). Regardless of gender, the substantial population is a healthy indication that the need for insurance products such as dental insurance, life insurance policies, health care insurance, different kinds of travel insurance and even more unusual kinds of insurance like pet health insurance will remain in solid demand for a while to come.

Kitchener Housing and Insurance Products

The total number of private dwellings in Kitchener was recorded as 95,495 units, and real estate has done very well during the last few years. The real estate market is a good indication that property insurance of various kinds, home mortgage insurance, typical home insurance, tenant insurance, title insurance and condominium insurance will likely continue to be among the most highly sought after types of insurance protection.

Kitchener Income and Insurance Needs

According to the data provided by Stats Can, the average after-tax income for Kitchener residents in 2015 was $72,465, with 9,355 residents earning $100,000 or more. No doubt, many high-income residents earned a qualification or certification at bachelor grade or higher. Residents such as legal professionals, doctors, and business owners are frequently the target of legal action; therefore, it should come as no surprise that particular types of insurance like general liability insurance, building construction liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, and other kinds of liability insurance coverage are important to the Kitchener insurance sector.

Kitchener Commuters and Auto Insurance

There is no question that the Kitchener car insurance market is one of the most important to Kitchener insurance brokers and agents. However, Ontario’s private auto insurance system ensures that there is strong competition between the many Kitchener car insurance providers. Competition helps to keep prices low for consumers.  According to the Kitchener census profile, the main way for the employed labour force of Kitchener aged 15 years and over to commute to work was as a driver in a car, small truck or van. 7,905 individuals were driven to work as a passenger in a car, truck or van, but 91,175 residents (49,275 male and 41,905 female) drove themselves. The data strongly suggests that commercial vehicle insurance, auto insurance and to a lesser extent motorcycle insurance policies play a significant and essential role in Kitchener’s economy.

What's the Inside Scoop on Cheap Car Insurance in Kitchener?

We believe the best insurance company is not about the most affordable price alone. The best Kitchener Insurance is also about customer service, trustworthiness, & honest dealing with policyholders. Consumers should make time to assess insurance proposals closely. It may help to check an insurance company's customer reviews before you purchase a policy from a specific company. Many folks think the most affordable rate is the best rate but you will find there is far more to "best" than just the price tag.

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Get a Kitchener Insurance Quote

Comparing insurance quotes with as many Kitchener car insurance providers is one of the best ways to confirm that you’re signing up for the best auto insurance plan for your personal needs. Our ICanDrive.ca car insurance calculator is a tool created solely for the purpose of helping you get the best Kitchener car insurance quote suited to your needs. The free calculator is easy to use, and only asks for some basic information to produce a rate comparison table. Even if you don't have the best driver profile and are in the high-risk car insurance demographic, we can still help you find good Kitchener insurance coverage through our featured insurance quote comparison service, or with one of the profiled insurance companies that serve Kitchener or through the Insurance section of our Driver's Directory.

Start a quote

Through our resources as well as those of partners, we can help simplify the process of checking Kitchener vehicle insurance price quotes. We essentially shop the current insurance market place on your behalf.

Compare Insurance Rates

Often the same driver will find that price quotes from one company to another can be quite varied, leading to potentially significant savings. Feel free to compare our insurance quotes against those of our competitors.

Choose the Best Insurance Quote

You'll typically find quite a lot of insurance organizations to choose from. Non-public insurance usually means competing firms, and this implies that insurance firms have to work harder to earn your insurance business.

Auto Insurance Coverage is Compulsory in Kitchener

Kitchener, like every other Ontario city is by law required to ensure all drivers carry a minimum level of car insurance. Keeping this minimum in mind, you still have lots of options from insurance companies serving Kitchener. When reviewing an insurance quote, ensure you have at least the adequate minimum coverage and decide on additional coverage options to provide greater peace of mind. As a Kitchener insurance consumer, it's also your responsibility to understand the basic Ontario car insurance laws prior to purchasing insurance.

Why Comparing Kitchener Car Insurance Quotes is an Effective Way to Lower Your Insurance Rates.

Submit the exact same details through various quote comparing websites, and you are pretty much guaranteed to never receive the same exact price from each competing insurance organization. In the event that you’ve ever previously shopped for Kitchener auto insurance, you've probably noticed that based on the places you shop, the rates you obtain for your unique driving history, personal requirements etc. are almost always quite different.

This is because each car insurance company has their own unique calculations on the way they measure a driver’s risk to insure, which inevitably results in differences in the car insurance rates you are likely to obtain from each insurance organization. For individuals living in Ontario, there are many insurance providers competing to convince Kitchener drivers to sign on with an insurance package from their particular car insurance company. An excellent way to be certain that you’re putting your signature to the best possible auto insurance for your requirements, is to compare quotes from as many providers as you can and then make an educated purchase decision.

Try it now. Compare Cheap Kitchener Car Insurance Quotes. See for yourself.

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