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Georgetown is a wonderful, friendly and safe community in the town of Halton Hills, Ontario, located on the Credit River about 60 kilometres west of Toronto. It is well known for its small-town charm. Georgetown has its origins in the early 1820s when a man by the name of George Kennedy built a variety of mills and a foundry in the area which attracted other settlers. The settlement was named Georgetown in 1837. Today, Georgetown hosts the head offices of several major industries while retaining many historic buildings, which give it a unique small-town look and feel. Sources:, Wikipedia - Georgetown

Our mission at is to ensure you have everything you need in order to safely and legally drive. The insurance market in Georgetown is operated by many small and large insurance providers - all of whom are focused on bringing high-quality insurance solutions to consumers, and when it comes to Georgetown car insurance, as well as other insurance coverage, you have three main options to get it. We suggest starting with the fastest, most efficient and easiest way, which is to compare quotes through our featured Guelph insurance quote comparison tool. In the rare event that you cannot find what you need, you can explore the other options.

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Professional insurance brokers and agents catering to the Georgetown area must fully comprehend the products you can buy, and they may be aware of car insurance discounts that you may be entitled to.

Local agents & brokers bring with them the sometimes crucial face-to-face help and support for local drivers, and they may also be able to assist with insurance claims.

Many insurance brokers and different insurance providers serve the Georgetown region with an incredible assortment of insurance products, like for example:

  • Professional Liability Insurance Plans
  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • Motorbike Insurance Policies
  • Home Loan Insurance Coverage
  • Critical Disease Insurance Plans
  • Home Insurance Policies
  • Commercial & Industrial Insurance
  • Business Organization Insurance Plans
  • Auto Insurance Coverage
  • Old Car Insurance
  • Boating Insurance Policies
  • Private Health Insurance Plans
  • Contents Insurance Coverage
  • Motor home Insurance Protection
  • Lenders and Owners Title Insurance
  • Pets Insurance Coverage
  • International Student Insurance Cover
  • Gas and Oil Insurance Cover

In order to help Georgetown insurance consumers as much as possible, we are always looking to expand our partner list to provide Georgetown drivers with as many car insurance options as possible. We encourage all Georgetown insurance companies, agents and brokers to become more comfortable with what's mission is, what our specific privacy standards are and how to advertise with us. Georgetown Insurance companies and Georgetown driving schools are encouraged to create free listing in our Canadian Drivers Directory.

What Can Statistics Tell us about Georgetown Insurance?

We looked to Statistics Canada for some insights into the types of insurance products that are most widely used by the population of Georgetown and the corporations that operate there.

Georgetown Population by Age Group

According to the 2016 Canadian Census Report, the Population of Georgetown in 2016 was 42,125 residents, representing a 4.8 percent increase from the previous survey conducted in 2011, which was revised to 40,185 residents. Of the 42,125 residents, 20,605 were male and 21,520 residents were female. The average age of the population was a relatively young 38.7 years old, with males averaging 37.8 years old and females averaging 39.7 years old. With 67.8 percent of the population being between the ages of 15 and 85, the need for coverage like life insurance, health insurance plans, dental insurance, and travel insurance and even pet insurance is likely to remain firm.

Georgetown Housing and Insurance Products

The land area in square kilometres for Georgetown is 24.03 sq km, and the population density per square kilometre was 1,753.1. The total number of private dwellings was 14,679 residential units. The average household size was 2.9 individuals. Georgetown has enjoyed a vibrant real estate market, and therefore, insurance products like mortgage Insurance, Property insurance, homeowners insurance, tenant insurance, condo insurance and title insurance are likely some of the most widely used types of coverage.

Georgetown Income and Insurance Needs

The median total Income in 2015 for Georgetown residents was 45,318 dollars, with women averaging 38,173 dollars per year and men averaging 55,462 dollars per year. When it comes to education, 8,125 inhabitants had a university certificate, diploma or degree at bachelor level or above, with 3,620 males and 4,500 females earning this distinction. Men dominated the category of Certificate of Apprenticeship, with 965 male apprenticeships versus only 205 female apprenticeships. Given the vulnerability of certain businesses and professions to lawsuits, it’s likely that commercial general liability insurance, business insurance, and protections like errors and omissions insurance will grow along with Georgetown.

Georgetown Commuters and Insurance Needs

18,370 residents commuted to work each day as a driver with 9,570 men and 8,800 women participating. Only 1,350 residents got a lift to work each day as a passenger, and only 850 people indicated the use of public transit, with an almost equal number (745) walking to work. Commute time for most drivers was under 29 minutes. The ongoing requirement for Georgetown car insurance and commercial auto insurance is obvious, and the Ontario private auto insurance system helps keep premiums affordable. While not specifically mentioned in the data, no doubt many Georgetown residents use a motorcycle, which requires motorcycle insurance as well.

What is the Inside Scoop on Cheap Car Insurance in Georgetown?

The best quality insurance company is not simply about the lowest priced quote. Your best Georgetown insurance is also about service, dependability & fairness with clients. Take the time to compare and contrast insurance offerings thoroughly. It helps to look at the insurance company's consumer reports and complaints if any before you decide to buy an insurance plan from a particular provider. Many people talk about low rates, but there's more to the "best quote" than simply the lowest rate when it comes to your Canada car insurance. Taking these factors into consideration and other Ontario auto insurance discounts up front can save you lots of stress later.

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Get a Georgetown Insurance Quote

The best way to know that you’re putting your signature to the best possible car insurance policy for your requirements is to compare as many auto insurance providers as possible who serve the Georgetown area. Our quote comparison tool was created solely for the purpose of helping you compare customized insurance quotes. It's easy to use, asks only for some basic information, and then presents insurance solutions tailored to your needs. Even if you don't have the best drivers profile and are in the high-risk demographic we can still help you find good Georgetown insurance coverage through our featured insurance quote comparison tool, or through one of the featured insurance companies that serve Georgetown or via the insurance section of our Driver's Directory.

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Private insurance providers means competition, and competition implies that insurance companies have to work hard to earn your business. There are many insurance firms to choose from.

Is Auto Insurance Coverage Compulsory in Georgetown?

Georgetown, like every other Ontario town or city requires that drivers carry a minimum level of car insurance. Keeping this minimum compulsory insurance coverage in mind, you may still have lots of additional options. When reviewing an insurance quote, keep your budget in mind, and ensure you have at least the adequate minimum coverage and consider additional coverage options to provide greater peace of mind. As a Georgetown insurance consumer it's also your responsibility to understand the basic car insurance laws in Ontario prior to purchasing insurance.

Why Comparing Georgetown Car Insurance Quotes is an Effective Way to Lower Your Insurance Rates.

We've heard it many times before, with individuals talking about the "best Georgetown insurance quote" as if it's simply about getting the lowest rate, but we think there's more to it than that. Service to clients, a record of reliability and fairness with policyholders in the event of an insurance claim is more important than just providing the cheapest quote. So take your time to evaluate insurance providers carefully before you buy. An affordable price coupled with great service, an excellent reputation & fairness with clients may, in fact, turn out to be the best cheap Georgetown car insurance quote over the long term. Different auto insurance companies have their own unique philosophy with regard to how they judge driving competency, driving history and location risks, which consequently can result in wide differences for the rate you are quoted from each individual insurance company.

It's a fact that you can enter exactly the same information into one or more auto insurance quote comparison services, and you are almost certain to not get the exact same insurance price from competing insurance companies. If you have previously shopped for cheap Georgetown car insurance through a quote comparison service, you've most likely found that the rates you're shown for your exact personal driver's history, location, requirements etc. are generally quite different from company to company. This is because there are numerous insurers catering to the market, each of whom has their own philosophy about the risk to themselves to insure an individual, and each company is competing to encourage Georgetown motorists to sign up to an insurance policy from their particular insurance organization.

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