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The township of Etobicoke was originally incorporated in 1851, but through a series of transitions (including that of being a city from 1967 to 1998), the city amalgamated with other south-eastern Ontario areas, including the borough of East York, Toronto, Scarborough, North York and York, to become the City of Toronto. The name was originally derived from a native word for “a place where the alders grow”, and if one asks most residents where they live, they respond with “Etobicoke” rather than “Toronto”. Today, Etobicoke has a substantial and diverse population with an equally diversified economy.

Source: Britannica - Etobicoke

The Etobicoke insurance industry is significant, maintained and operated by numerous insurance companies, both small and large. All are focused on bringing top-notch insurance products to the market for the dangers we face in our everyday lives. Part of our mission at is to ensure that our visitors can find the best Etobicoke insurance coverage at the cheapest price, and can legally drive in Ontario. To that end, we provide a free Etobicoke insurance quote comparison tool which is ideal for 90% of our visitors, and for those with more unusual insurance requirements, we offer an Etobicoke insurance directory and a way to contact various insurance companies that serve Etobicoke residents.

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Agents & brokers serving the Etobicoke region may be familiar with insurance discounts unavailable elsewhere, and can expand upon things like how insurance claimsvehicle accidentstraffic tickets and even how not using winter tires can affect your premiums. (Check our safe driving section for things you should know.)

When it comes to Etobicoke insurance end users who have specific needs or difficulties finding the specific insurance product that they want, we invite you to explore our Etobicoke Insurance directory. You should be able to find an Etobicoke insurance professional who is ready to assist.

A local insurance professional can bring to the table, often extremely beneficial personal support and insight when it comes to more complex insurance needs. Be sure to ask about any insurance discounts you may qualify for.

Many competing insurance companies and their representatives serve the Etobicoke region with an incredible variety of insurance products:

  • Students Insurance
  • Owners Title Insurance Coverage
  • Recreational Vehicles Insurance Plans
  • Property Insurance Coverage
  • Cat and Dog Insurance
  • Oil and Gas Insurance Policies
  • House Loan Insurance Policies
  • Motorbike Insurance
  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • Public Liability Insurance Plans
  • Homeowners Insurance Cover
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Small Business Insurance Policies
  • Industrial Insurance Coverage
  • Older Vehicle Insurance Plans
  • Car Insurance Cover
  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • Boat Insurance Coverage seeks, whenever possible, to be helpful for all Etobicoke motor vehicle drivers, Etobicoke insurance buyers and Etobicoke residents in general. Thus, we are always looking to extend our Drivers Directory of Auto Related Services. We want to provide Etobicoke residents with as many auto insurance options and auto-related services as possible. We encourage all Etobicoke insurance organizations, agents and Etobicoke insurance brokers to contact us to create a free listing in our Etobicoke Insurance Brokers directory. In addition, as new or gradually learning drivers progress through Ontario driver licensing levels, they often need to get in touch with quality Etobicoke driving schools, and we can help Etobicoke driving schools to reach more drivers if they submit a free listing to our Etobicoke Driving Schools listings.

For those wanting the best, cheapest insurance they can find, who actually live in another territory or province, we invite users to make use of our Find an insurance broker near me in ... service to find an appropriate insurance broker for all of your insurance requirements.

What Might Statistics Tell Us about the Etobicoke Insurance Market?

Because of our interest in the insurance industry in various regions of Canada, we were curious about what might be revealed about the Etobicoke Insurance sector through the 2016 Statistics Canada census data. We decided to focus on the Etobicoke Centre Federal electoral district for our data source.

Etobicoke Population by Age Group & Insurance Requirements

The median age of the population in Etobicoke Centre was 45.8 years of age, with the median age for females of 47.5 years of age being considerably higher than for males (43.8 years of age). 17,215 people were 0 to 14 years old and 25,035 people were 65 or older. As is typical of most cities, the vast majority of the population was between the ages of 15 to 64 (75,770 individuals), with 39,120 females and 36,650 males in this category. Given the data, the need for insurance products like life insurance, travel insurance and even pet insurance is likely to remain steady, with health insurance and dental insurance following the 2.7% trend in population growth.

Etobicoke Housing and Associated Insurance Products

Etobicoke is quite densely populated. The land area for Etobicoke Centre is only 37.10 square km, and the population density per square kilometre in 2016 was 3,181.2. The total number of private dwellings was 46,400 residential units. Housing comprised of 30,175 homeowners and 14,870 renters. Etobicoke has a fairly busy real estate market, and therefore, insurance policies such as home insurance, tenant insurance, condo insurance, mortgage insurance and various kinds of property insurance are also predicted to grow in line with the 2.7% trend in population growth.

Etobicoke Income and Insurance Needs

The median total income of households in 2015 was 82,402 Canadian dollars, with 11,390 individuals earning $100,000 and over. After-tax, women earned more than men with $52,230 and men earning an average of $46,575 after tax. Of the high earners, many are in professions such as doctors, independent business owners, lawyers and accountants etc. It’s safe to say that insurance products such as indemnity insurance, commercial general liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance and protection such as construction liability insurance will remain steady.

Etobicoke Commuters and Auto Insurance

As with most similar areas, it’s no surprise that 34,305 individuals (14,525 females and 19,785 males) drove themselves to work in their own vehicle on a daily basis. Most drivers (29105) had 15 to 44 minutes commute time, while for 7,395 drivers, the commute time was less than 15 minutes. To put things in perspective, 8,745 drivers had an hour or more of commuting time. With Ontario’s privately operated auto insurance system, there are plenty of car insurance companies competing to serve these Etobicoke drivers. Car insurance, motorcycle insurance and the commercial auto insurance sector are likely to be a steady source of revenue for the Etobicoke insurance sector well into the future.

What's the Inside Scoop on cheap car Insurance in Etobicoke?

While it's not that well known among car insurance consumers, a driver can enter the required information into a variety of car insurance quote comparison systems, and they are almost certain to not find the same quote from competing insurance providers. If you've shopped for Etobicoke auto insurance before, you've probably noticed that the quotes you are offered span a wide range of prices - sometimes hundreds of dollars or even more, and this means there may be a great opportunity to save. Different car insurance companies have their own ideas with regard to how they appraise a drivers record, and the risks to insure them based on their location and other factors. This routinely leads to differences in the rates provided from one insurer to another and creates savings opportunities for Etobicoke drivers.

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Getting Your Best Etobicoke Insurance Quote.

In order to be certain that one is placing a signature to the best achievable car insurance policy that fully meets your requirements, it is necessary to compare quotes from a wide variety of auto insurance providers. After this, a wise choice becomes much easier. In Ontario, there are many vehicle insurance providers, nearly all of whom are in competition with each other to convince Etobicoke motorists to sign up with them. Our quote comparison tool features most of Canada's top car insurance firms. We've improved the process of researching Etobicoke automobile insurance rates. We effectively explore the market for your situation. Even if you don't have the best driver profile and are in the high-risk car insurance category, we can still help you find great Etobicoke insurance coverage through our featured Quote Comparison Tool, with one of the featured insurance companies or through our Etobicoke insurance broker listings.

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Is Etobicoke auto insurance coverage compulsory?

Like every other Ontario city, Etobicoke is by law required to ensure all drivers carry a minimum level of car insurance. Keeping in mind this minimum compulsory insurance coverage, you still have lots of options. When reviewing an insurance quote, keep your budget in mind and ensure you have at least the adequate minimum coverage, then decide on additional coverage options to provide greater peace of mind. As an Etobicoke insurance consumer it's also your responsibility to understand the basic car insurance laws in Ontario prior to purchasing insurance.

Can comparing Etobicoke car insurance quotes really be an effective way to lower your Costs?

The best insurance providers are not simply about the lowest price, but lots of people still only prioritize cost when it comes to searching for the best Etobicoke car insurance. In addition to the price, you should also consider what would happen if you ever need to call upon your insurance company to make things right after some kind of misfortune.  When you consider factors such as customer support and fairness with policyholders, this quickly becomes an important consideration as well. Make time to evaluate insurance proposals carefully. An affordable price quote, as well as a strong reputation for service, dependability and fair dealing with clients, may actually be the best Etobicoke auto insurance quote you can get.

In Ontario, there are many vehicle insurance providers, nearly all of whom are in competition with each other to convince Etobicoke motorists to sign up with them. Each individual vehicle insurer has got their particular philosophy regarding how they can measure a motorist's competencies as well as driving record, and this frequently results in a considerable disparity in car insurance quotes. The only way you'll be assured that you are settling on the best, cheapest Etobicoke car insurance policy for your needs, will be by using a comprehensive auto insurance quote comparison< service, comparing insurance quotes side by side and then making an informed purchase decision.

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