G1 Rules Practice Test – Ontario Driving Rules of the Road #1

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Welcome to the first of our three free G1 rules practice test sets for the G1 class drivers license test Ontario requires for all new car, light truck and van drivers. This rules of the road practice test addresses many (but not all) of the different kinds of Ontario driving test questions regarding the rules of driving that one is likely to find on the official Ontario G1 test.

Additional Ontario G1 rules practice test study material can be found here: G1 test road rules, and here: G1 written test practice. When you've developed some confidence with those Ontario beginner’s permit practice exercises, challenge yourself with the practice g1 test road rules.

All of our g1 driving rules test study material comes from the Official Ministry of Transportation Driver's Handbook, which is a must study for any prospective Ontario drivers license holder. A hard copy of the Ontario driving handbook can be purchased at certain book sellers or directly from Service Ontario here: Official Ministry of Transportation Driver's Handbook. To make our G1 rules practice test sets as close as possible to the real thing, we've also incorporated helpful suggestions and advice from people who have already taken the Ontario written driving knowledge test.

Our series of G1 rules practice test sets is not enough. You must also study the Road Signs:

Aspiring G1 drivers studying road safety rules and regulations must also become thoroughly familiar with road signs - exactly what they mean and how to respond when they appear. Our first road & traffic signs tutorial is available here: G1 signs test. It deals primarily with regulatory signs. The second tutorial for road warning signs is here: G1 test questions, and the third in our series of road sign tutorials is here: G1 online test. This one deals with temporary signs and HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) signs, as well as information & direction signs. When you've achieved a level of competence with the Ontario driving rules for road signs, see how well you do with the g1 practice exam - road signs.

More About Ontario Driving Rules - Frequently Asked Questions

You can find other important information about the Ontario G1 written test and other Ontario driving rules on our G1 Practice Test & G1 License Information section. Find out more about the kinds of documents required, the costs involved, certain restrictions and more.

Visit Ontario driving licenses for information about many other kinds of Ontario driving licenses.

Thankfully, all of the driving rules in Canada are very much the same from province to province and territory. So, take advantage of all the free g1 driving rules tutorials on ICanDrive.ca, and make plans for your G2. In a few years you'll have your full G class licence and will be able to drive from coast to coast if you desire. Use the g1 rules practice test sets over several days for best results to let things really sink in. Save yourself some time and money (you pay each time you attempt the G1 test). If you apply yourself properly and study the Ontario drivers handbook, you'll quickly gain the confidence needed to acquire the drivers license Ontario makes available. We love to get feedback, so let us know how it goes, and good luck with your G1 test.

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