Ontario G1 Written Test Questions & Answers #3

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Welcome to the third and last of ICanDrive.ca's free G1 written test questions and answers series for the driving written test Ontario mandates for the G1 stage of Ontario's Graduated Licensing System (GLS). In this particular test, we cover more of the road rules, like what to do when merging in traffic, how to handle accidents, driving in inclement weather, railway crossings and passing other vehicles. This tutorial is supported by two previous rules of the road tutorials, the first of which can be accessed here: Ontario driving rules (which is about basic road and traffic rules) and here: G1 road rules test (which is about right of way, how the demerit points system works and a lot more). When you've mastered all three of our Ontario written driving test sets about the rules of the road, you should move on to the G1 practice test rules - a practice exam incorporating all of the different types of road rules questions one is likely to find on the actual Ontario written driving test.

All of the free g1 written test question and answer practice sets that we make available, have been developed with the help of previous attendees of the written driving test Ontario requires, and most importantly, from the Ministry of Transportation Driver's Handbook. The Ontario drivers handbook is an essential study tool for any Ontarian seeking a G class licence. It can be found online or you can purchase a hard copy here: MTO Driver's Handbook.

Additional G1 Written Test Study Material

New car, van and light truck drivers must also demonstrate a thorough knowledge of road signs in order to pass the Ontario written driving test and get their G1. We invite you to visit our Ontario driving signs test - a tutorial on regulatory signs, and g1 test questions dealing with road warning signs. There is also G1 driving test online, which deals with high occupancy vehicles (HOV signs), temporary signs, information signs and direction signs. After becoming competent with all three, see how you do with the G1 practice exam - road signs. These are all great preparation for the g1 written test questions and the answers you'll need to know.

Additional Questions & Answers for the Ontario Written Driving Test

Preparation for the written test also involves becoming familiar with the cost of the test, where to write your g1, certain restrictions that are in effect, the documents required and more. Discover more about this here: Ontario G1 Practice Tests & License Information. Find out more about other kinds of Ontario drivers licenses.

We're proud of the fact that our free Ontario driving written test sets and tutorials are among the best online. They are a great way for beginner drivers to quickly and easily acquire the driving knowledge they need. Practice as much as you want with all of them, and study the Ontario drivers handbook - we're confident that if you do, you'll easily pass your G1 test the first time around. Make sure you're ready first though, because you don't want to have a failed g1 written test because each try costs money. Let us know if we helped or if you have suggestions for further improvement.

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