Free Ontario G1 Practice Test Series

If you find Ontario's G1 road rules and the G1 signs test somewhat intimidating, we can help. Our free Ontario G1 practice test series is about more than just passing the test. If you want the G1 driving rules and the road sign meanings to stay with you for a lifetime of safer driving, our free Ontario G1 practice test sets can make all the difference.

G1 Sample Test Sets Covering the G1 Signs Test & the G1 Driving Rules:

The g1 sample test sets cover both the g1 signs test portion and the g1 driving rules section of the G1 test. These Ontario g1 practice test sets are completely free and can be used as many times as you require to help you study for your personal g1 test, and get through the first stage of the Ontario's graduated driver licensing system. All of our Ontario g1 practice test series have been meticulously crafted in parallel with the Ontario Driver's Handbook, which you can find online here: Ontario Driver's Handbook, or you can purchase a copy here: Official Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Driver's Handbook. An up-to-date version of the Ontario Driver's Handbook is essential for new drivers studying for the official G1 test. We believe the best way to quickly and permanently increase your driving knowledge is to thoroughly study the driver's handbook, and then test yourself with all of these Ontario g1 practice test sets until you can consistently pass both of our g1 exam samples. When you can do that, you're ready for the actual g1 test. If your end goal is to get through Ontario's graduated motorcycle licensing system, we invite you to use our M1 Practice Test series as well.

Ontario Road Sign Meanings

Quickly Become an Ontario Road Signs expert with our g1 signs test online practice series

G1 ON Road Signs

G1 ON Road Signs

This set of G1 Ontario road signs practice tests focuses on regulatory signs which control the flow of traffic and the way vehicles make their way through the streets.


G1 Test Questions

G1 Test Questions

This set of G1 test questions focuses on road warning signs such as up-coming curves, changes in traffic flow, hidden intersections and speed limit changes.


G1 Test Online

G1 Test Online

Our third Ontario G1 practice test covers temporary signs, information and direction signs and HOV (high occupancy vehicle) signs for Ontario roads.


G1 Practice Exam

G1 Practice Exam

The final G1 exam practice is designed to present you with a variety of road sign questions for all Handbook sections to prepare you for the real G1 test.


Ontario Driving Rules

Quickly Become an Ontario Driving Rules expert with our G1 rules practice test series

ON G1 Road Rules

ON G1 Road Rules

In this first set of Ontario G1 road rules practice test questions, we begin building a base of driving knowledge around the rules of the road all Ontario drivers must understand and follow to be safe Ontario drivers.


G1 Test Rules

G1 Test Rules

Our second set of Ontario G1 test rules questions covers areas of the rules of the road such as changing directions, intersections, pavement markings, traffic lights, hand signals, parking, freeway driving and much more.


G1 Written Test

G1 Written Test

This third set of G1 written test practice questions, goes over how to deal with emergencies, bad weather conditions and other questions similar to what you can expect to find on the real Ontario driving theory test.


Practice G1 Test

Practice G1 Test

This Practice G1 test covers all areas of the rules of the road. It's an excellent G1 practice test for those who feel confident in their road rules knowledge and want to challenge themselves before they go.


The Smart Way To Study For the Ontario Written Driving Test

In depth studying and lots of practice is the key to passing the Ontario written driving test (G1 test).

The Ontario G1 written test helps all Ontario drivers learn or brush up on key road signs and road rules knowledge necessary to drive a car in Ontario. By reviewing the information in the Ontario Drivers Handbook and then practicing those concepts through our Ontario G1 practice test series, you can set yourself up to successfully pass the Ontario G1 test.

Study The Ontario Drivers Handbook

Reading through the Ontario Driver's Handbook is the best way to be 100% prepared for the Ontario G1 written test. The concepts, rules, road signs and general driving information available in the Ontario Drivers Handbook will help you build a strong foundation to drive a car in Ontario.

Review Difficult Concepts

Not every road signs or road rule will be easy to remember so give yourself enough time to go back to any difficult concepts and re-read through the Ontario Drivers Handbook. Building a strong understanding of all the Ontario road signs and road rules will help you attempt the G1 test with confidence.

Attempt All G1 Practice Tests

Once you've built a strong knowledge base you will be ready to attempt our G1 practice tests and assess your knowledge of Ontario road signs and road rules in a real test-taking environment. Make sure you attempt all G1 practice test and G1 practice exams to get the most benefit.

Preparation for G1 Written Test

The 40 multiple-choice question, Ontario G1 written test is very similar to's Ontario g1 practice test series.

When taking the Ontario G1 written test, you will be required to correctly answer 16/20 on each of the two 20 questions sections. It's very important to carefully read through each question and pick the answer you think is correct out of the four available options. The test won't be timed so you are not in a time crunch - just take your time and make sure you correctly answer all the G1 test questions.

Driving With Your Ontario G1 Licence Restrictions

As a new G1 licence holder you now have the ability to practice and build on your in-car driving skills under supervision. While operating a car in Ontario with a G1 licence, you must always adhere to the G1 licence restrictions. The G1 licence restrictions are there to ensure the safety of all Ontario drivers, be they beginning drivers or seasoned driving veterans. For additional information about G1 driving restrictions (like FAQ's), please see our G1 licence restrictions and requirements page.

Supervised Driving

A G1 driver must always be accompanied by a licensed driver (4+ years driving experience) and BAC level below 0.05.

No Alcohol

Your G1 licence prohibits you from consuming any amount of alcohol when operating a car.

Passenger seat belts

You must ensure every passenger in the vehicle is wearing a functional seat belt and the number of passengers does not exceed the number of functioning seat belts.

Restricted Night time Driving

Nighttime driving, specifically between the hours of midnight to 5 am is prohibited for G1 licence holders.

Road Restrictions

A G1 driver can drive on local roads but is not allowed to drive on any 400 series highways (401,403,404 etc.) or high-speed expressways (QEW).

Practice, Practice, Practice.

All G1 licence holders are encouraged to use this licensing stage to accumulate as much driving experience as possible.

G1 Test Questions and Answers plus Q & A about our Ontario G1 Practice Test Series

We know that learning any new skill can be a difficult process, and we want to make sure we have the right answers to any questions you might have. For this reason, we've put together this G1 test questions and answers section, and also addressed some frequently asked questions about our Ontario g1 practice test series. If you still have a question or concern, please don't hesitate to contact us.


You must be a resident of Ontario to be eligible for the G1 written test. You can take the G1 written test on or after your 16th birthday.


In order to take the g1 knowledge test, you need to bring documents or a combination of documents that show:

  • Your legal name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your signature

See here for g1 knowledge test documents required:

 Acceptable Identity Documents


The question of where to write g1 test, typically depends on where in Ontario you live, as there are g1 written test locations all over the province. However, there are other options for how or where to write g1 test:

You have the option to take the G1 test on paper or electronically at many Ministry of Transportation (MTO) locations.

At a minimum the g1 knowledge test is available in English and French. Depending on which examination center you are writing at the G1 knowledge test across Ontario is available in 17 different languages.


Unfortunately, there is a g1 test fee.

Each Ontario licensing test has a specific fee requirement so make sure you're prepared to pay the fees prior to starting your actual test.

The g1 written test cost can be found here:

Keep in mind, if you failed the g1 written test, you will have to pay again.


Our Ontario G1 practice test series is a highly effective means of studying for the g1 exam, and has been demonstrated to be among the most effective tools a G license test taker can use to obtain their g1 license in the shortest time possible.

We are convinced that by using our Ontario G1 practice test series, new Ontario drivers will stand a much greater chance of passing the official G1 test on their first attempt and be far less likely to need to repeat it. Our Ontario G1 practice test series is by far one of the most useful and effective tools available in preparation for g1 written test, providing a significant confidence boost and also a greater understanding of the G1 test itself. Many G license test takers have already used them with excellent success.

We recommend that you practice with each Ontario G1 practice test in the order presented, so that you can build your Ontario driving knowledge over time, and let things really sink in. This way, you'll take the real g1 test more relaxed and more prepared, and with a great idea of what to expect. Setting aside enough time to practice with our Ontario G1 practice test series will make things far less stressful for you and will also prepare you for any g1 knowledge test questions that you might find on your particular g1 knowledge test.


By far the most effective means of G1 study are:

Study the Ontario Drivers Handbook

The Ontario Driver's Handbook is your go to source for everything you need to know about Ontario's road rules and road signs for the Ontario G1 written test. G1 study is not complete without a thorough understanding of the handbook and knowing all the specific rules and signs needed to drive safely in Ontario.

G1 Practice Tests

Once you've spent some time reading and learning from the Ontario Driver's Handbook, the best thing you can do for g1 study, is to use our Ontario G1 practice test series until you are fully comfortable and confident with what you need to know. These practice tests are designed to mimic what you will find on the actual Ontario G1 test, so they are an excellent option to learn about all of the the driving concepts, as well as get used to the G1 test taking environment.


The questions on all of these Ontario G1 practice test sessions have been extracted from the same source as the real test: the Ontario Driver's Handbook. Together, all of our Ontario G1 practice test sets address all of the G1 road rules as well as the material on the G1 signs test - everything you will need to know.

However, we've taken things a step further. To help create this series of Ontario G1 practice test sets, we've enlisted the help of Ontario drivers who have already written the Ontario g1 test. They have provided additional input to allow our Ontario G1 practice test series to be even more accurate and truly reflect both the "look and feel" of the G1 test, and also the kinds of questions real people have seen on the actual Ontario g1 test.

This combination of sources, and constant feedback from users helps us to ensure the highest possible accuracy in the questions and answers we present. (you could actually see some of the exact same questions and answers on your G1 test.


The G1 written test format is 40 multiple choice questions (MCQ's). 20 of the questions will be dedicated to the road signs part of the Ontario driver's handbook while 20 questions will be dedicated to road rules.

The test is marked on the spot. To pass the G1 test you need to get 16/20 correct on each one of the individual sections. To ensure you don't get more than 4 questions wrong per section you really need to learn the handbook and spend some time with the G1 practice test series, to make sure you know your stuff.


Each and every one of our Ontario G1 practice test examples has been meticulously designed to closely mimic the actual testing that is done at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) offices. The Ontario G1 practice test series present questions drawn from the exact same source as the real G1 drivers license test (the Ontario Driver's Handbook), presenting you with multiple choice questions & answers, just like the ones you will see on the real G1 test. (Don't be surprised if you see some of the very same questions on your test)

The 2019 edition is up to date and covers all of the current road and traffic safety signs, as well as Ontario's rules of the road. The two g1 exam sets we provide are an outstanding representation of the actual Ontario G1 test, and we believe, they are simply some of the best study tools available for g1 test preparation.

The system for generating the actual g1 questions at the MTO is an automated one, which means that questions are drawn randomly, therefore, there is no way to predict which questions will appear on your G1 test. However, our Ontario G1 practice test series presents a wide range of different questions, covering every aspect of the G1 test, thoroughly preparing you for the many different possible questions you could face. These G1 practice exercises will give you a good look at what the real test looks like and what is likely to be on it.

Our Ontario G1 practice test series contains a total of six practice tests and two practice exams. The first six practice tests focus on specific areas of driving knowledge you need to know. These include three separate rules of the road tests, and three additional road signs tests, each of which focus on a different aspect of driving knowledge. The last two exams are comprehensive G1 exams, covering all aspects of the prior six g1 practice tests.

After the G1 - Next Steps:

Getting your G1 licence means you now have the opportunity to practice behind the wheel of a car under the supervision of a fully licensed driver. If you take a ministry approved driver training course you can shorten your waiting period to the next licensing stage to 8 months, otherwise you must remain at the G1 stage for a full 12 months before you can apply for your G2 licence.

Your G2 license will require you to successfully pass the G2 road test, demonstrating strong driving skills.

Looking For More Information On the Ontario GDL Process?

By following the Ontario graduated licensing process, both new and experienced drivers can get their Ontario car drivers license in the shortest and most stress free way possible. Each GDL stage helps build and develop skills essential to be able to drive safely in all Ontario road and weather conditions, so it's important to properly complete each stage as you go through your licensing journey.

GDL Process

The Ontario GDL process helps guide drivers through the Ontario car licensing process and it's three stages.

G1 Licence

The Ontario G1 license is the first step to drive a car in Ontario. Let us help you start driving as soon as possible.

G2 Licence

Passing your Ontario G2 driving license test means you can drive on your own and be one step closer to having a full ON licence.

G Licence

Your Ontario G license is the final, unrestricted, full Ontario driving licence after having passed all the GDL stages.