Nunavut Driving Knowledge Test Practice – Road Signs Sample Quiz #2

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In preparation for the Class 7 Nunavut driving knowledge test, this is the second in our collection of free road sign practice test sample questions and answers. This test deals with road warning signs, and is one of a series designed to test your driving knowledge before taking the official Nunavut Class 7 driving knowledge test. All of the questions have been developed with the assistance of those who have previously undertaken the actual NU Class 7 exam, as well as from the official Nunavut Driver's Manual.

All questions in this road signs practice test builds on the skills we covered in the previous Nunavut road signs test, to help new drivers prepare more confidently and completely. Be sure to complete the following Nunavut driving test online as well, as it covers additional Nunavut road signs knowledge that you must be thoroughly familiar with. Also, once you've completed these three tutorials, challenge yourself with the NU driving license road signs practice exam. Each of the questions in all of our practice tests are carefully chosen and presented in a similar manner as the actual questions you are likely to find when you decide to attend the official NU Class 7 driver’s test.

Nunavut Driving Knowledge Test Practice - Questions and Answers

In addition to the three road signs practice tests described above, there are 3 different tests on road rules, which can be found through these links: One: Nunavut class 7 road rules practice test, Two: NU Class 7 drivers license test and Three: Nunavut learners license test. Our NU road rules practice exam is here: Nunavut learners practice exam.

Additional information about preparing for the Nunavut Class 7 exam, including the costs involved, eligibility, documents required, test locations, etc. will be found at the NU Class 7 Practice Test page, and for information regarding other kinds of Nunavut driving licenses, we invite you to visit: Nunavut driving licenses.

Our Nunavut practice exams have been specially designed to address the specific questions you might find on the official test, and allows new passenger vehicle drivers to rapidly build a comprehensive knowledge base and confidence before taking the official Nunavut knowledge test. Once you've completed all 6 of the practice tests, as well as the 2 practice exams, and studied the NU driving handbook, you'll almost certainly be ready for the actual Nunavut Class 7 driving knowledge test.

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