Northwest Territories Driver’s License Practice Test – Road Signs, Practice Exam #1

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This particular Northwest Territories driver's license practice test (or practice exam) has been designed to replicate what you'll see on your Northwest Territories Class 7 driving knowledge exam, and to prepare an individual for the questions the real test will contain. It is set up in the very same way as the genuine test, with multiple choice questions and four potential answers. There aren't any trick questions in this particular road sign learners practice exam, but in certain instances a couple of answers may seem quite similar at first glance. Spend some time to examine the question and each one of the answers completely and cautiously before providing a response. This particular free Northwest Territories drivers license practice test covers regulatory road signs, road warning signs, temporary, information and direction road signs, as well as HOV Signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs).

To recap all of the different Northwest Territories road signs tests available, please see the following: Northwest Territories traffic signs - about regulatory signs, Northwest Territories driving knowledge test - about road warning signs, and Northwest Territories driving test online - about temporary, information and direction, and HOV signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs).

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This Northwest Territories driver's license practice test or practice exam is one of two kinds of practice exams offers to help new passenger vehicle driving students with the official NWT learners exam. Each tutorial  addresses a different aspect of the NWT learners exam and helps a person to acquire a great deal of confidence & knowledge in a minimum amount of time.

As well as the three road signs practice tests and exam, we offer three different practice tests for Northwest Territories rules of the road. Test number one is: NWT class 7 road rules practice test, Test number two is: Northwest Territories drivers license test and Test number three is: Northwest Territories learners license test. An excellent road rules practice exam for the road rules series is here: Northwest Territories learners practice exam.

Once you've completed all 6 of the practice tests, as well as both of the practice exams - all of which are drawn from all aspects of the NWT drivers handbook, you'll almost certainly have significant confidence in your driving knowledge, and be well-equipped to take the actual Northwest Territories Class 7 driving license test. Practice as much as possible over several days to allow the knowledge to really sink in. This way, you'll be well-prepared and ready for the real world driving licence test the Northwest Territories requires.

The NWT Driving License Test: Additional Resources:

Additional information for the NWT Class 7 exam, including test locations, eligibility, documents required, the costs involved and more, can be found on our Northwest Territories Class 7 Practice Test page. Feel free to make use of the practice tests on as many times as you require to fully grasp the fundamentals of driving safely, or simply as a quick refresher before attending the actual Northwest Territories Class 7 test. These practice tests could even save you some money because each time you take the actual exam you have to pay again. Our free driving tests have worked for many people and it is a well-established program for NWT Class 7 test preparation.

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