Nova Scotia Learners Practice Test #2: Traffic Signs

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In preparation for the learners license Nova Scotia requires for all new drivers, this is the second in our collection of free Nova Scotia learners practice test study materials. This particular learners test deals with road warning signs, and along with all the other Nova Scotia beginners license study material on our site, it is meant to provide an extremely realistic idea of what to expect on the actual NS learners test. All of the questions and answers in our practice tests have been developed with the help of previous attendees of the actual Nova Scotia written driving test, as well as from the official Nova Scotia Drivers Handbook. Our study materials should be used in conjunction with a thorough study of the NS drivers handbook.

This NS learners test builds on all of the elements covered in our previous regulatory signs set here: Nova Scotia driver's license practice test. After completing this particular set, as well as the previous one, there is another set here: online drivers test Nova Scotia which covers additional essential NS road signs knowledge. When you are comfortable with all three NS road sign sets, challenge yourself with the Nova Scotia beginners test, which is a practice exam covering all aspects of the road sign knowledge you will have to know. All of our Nova Scotia learners practice test sets are presented in a similar manner to the official access Nova Scotia written learners test, to make things much easier and less stressful when applying for the learners license Nova Scotia requires.

There's More to our Nova Scotia Learners Practice Test Sets than just Road Signs...

In addition to road signs, the Nova Scotia learners test requires sufficient knowledge about Nova Scotia's rules of the road as well. For this reason, offers free road rules study material as well. Nova Scotia road rules #1: Nova Scotia class 7 road rules practice test, Nova Scotia road rules #2: Nova Scotia drivers test and Nova Scotia road rules #3: Nova Scotia drivers practice test. The NS road rules practice exam can be found here: Nova Scotia driver's test quiz.

Questions and Answers for the Official NS Written Driving Test

More information about preparing for the Nova Scotia learners test, like eligibility, documents required, the costs involved, test locations, etc. can be found at Nova Scotia Class 7 Practice Test & License Info, and if you require information about other kinds of Nova Scotia driving licenses, click here: Nova Scotia driving licenses.

Just like the real Nova Scotia driving test, you'll find the questions on all of our Nova Scotia learners test practice sets are provided in multiple choice format, but just like any exam, it is important to consider each question and the various potential answers carefully, because some answers can seem similar at first glance. We advise revisiting each of these exercises several times to let the knowledge sink in. We'd love to hear how things go for you and/or if you feel we can improve in any way. Good luck!

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