NS Beginners License Practice Exam #2: Driving Rules

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This free NS beginners license practice exam covers all aspects of the rules of the road that Class 7 drivers are required to know, and has been created to mimic what one is likely to find on the official NS written permit test for new drivers. With multiple choice questions and four potential answers, it is set up in exactly the same style as the actual written test. Just like the real Nova Scotia driver's test, there are no trick questions, but in certain situations, at first glance, some answers may seem quite similar, so, examine each of the answers carefully before providing an answer. All of our Nova Scotia driving test quiz questions have been developed from the Nova Scotia Drivers Handbook, along with guidance from recent graduates of the written portion of the Class 7 Nova Scotia driver's test.

Before attempting NS beginners license practice exam, make sure you are familiar with all of the study material covered in our previous series of road rules practice tests, which cover aspects of driving knowledge like how demerit points work, right of way, railway crossings, passing, merging and accidents, and driving in inclement weather. You can find NS rules of the road number one here: Nova Scotia class 7 road rules practice test, NS rules of the road number two: Nova Scotia drivers test and NS rules of the road number three here: Nova Scotia drivers practice test.

Additional NS Beginners License Practice Exam Study Material:

To pass the actual Nova Scotia Class 7 drivers test, new drivers must also be thoroughly familiar with what all the road signs meanings. For this reason, we have developed three road sign practice tests that are also free to use as many times as needed, to let the knowledge really sink in. We invite you to visit our Nova Scotia driver's license practice test for regulatory signs, online drivers test Nova Scotia for temporary, information & direction signs, and HOV signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs), and Nova Scotia learners practice test for road warning signs. When you feel you are competent with those, challenge yourself with the road signs practice exam: Nova Scotia beginners test.

The Official NS Beginners Test - More Information:

Additional information, including documents required, test locations, eligibility, the costs involved, etc. etc. can be found on our Nova Scotia Class 7 License & Practice Test section. For information about all other kinds of Nova Scotia driving licenses, see our Nova Scotia driving licenses page.

We work hard to make our NS beginners license practice exam study material as realistic as possible. If you apply yourself and study the Nova Scotia drivers handbook, we're confident you'll be well-prepared for the actual Nova Scotia driver's test. As always, we welcome your suggestions, and let us know how it goes.

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