Taking a Nova Scotia Driving Test?

Nova Scotia Driver's License Test Information:

The registry of motor vehicles Nova Scotia is responsible for administering a Nova Scotia driving test for various stages of NS car license, NS motorcycle license and licenses for all other types of motor vehicles. Each type of vehicle has a pre-set NS graduated driver licensing program that ensures new drivers learn all of the necessary driving and defensive skills to drive safely in Nova Scotia. Use our helpful and organized Nova Scotia driving test sections below to understand what is expected of you by the Registry of Motor Vehicles Nova Scotia.

Choose the type of Nova Scotia driving test you need to attempt:

Nova Scotia Driving Test for Car Drivers

If you need to get a Nova Scotia car driver's license, you will have to pass through the Class 7 Nova Scotia learners license stage, the NS newly licensed - Class 5N stage and the final Nova Scotia class 5 license stage to complete your car licensing journey. Each stage is unique and has set restrictions you must drive within as you move to the next licensing stage. Make sure you have the appropriate registration documents for your vehicle and adequate NS car insurance before driving on any public roads.

Nova Scotia Driver's License

The NS GDL program can seem a bit confusing, but we've worked to simplify each level of the NS graduated car drivers license process. With guidance at the Class 7 NS learners license stage, driving practice tips at the NS newly licensed stage and support at the NS Class 5 license stage, you will have your full NS car license in the shortest time possible.

The application min age is 16

A lot of schools will offer driving education to get you started

Nova Scotia Beginners Test

In order to get a Class 7 Nova Scotia learners license, you will need to pass a Nova Scotia beginners test which covers the rules of the road and road signs. The best way to prepare for the Nova Scotia driving test quiz is by reading the Registry of Motor Vehicles - Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook and attempting ICanDrive.ca's free NS class 7 practice tests.

Study the Registry of Motor Vehicles - Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook

Practice NS Class 7 practice tests

Nova Scotia Road Test

The Nova Scotia road test for passenger vehicles helps an examiner confirm that you are able to confidently handle a car in any sort of road situation. Once you get the learners license Nova Scotia requires, you should practice driving as much as possible with a qualified supervisor before attempting the Nova Scotia road test.

Make sure you remember Nova Scotia road signs and rules

Hone your car handling & driving skills

Nova Scotia Driving Test for Motorcycle Drivers

Motorcycle drivers in Nova Scotia are also governed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles Nova Scotia, and similar to car drivers, they must follow a prescribed learning process to get a NS motorcycle driver's license. See our Nova Scotia graduated motorcycle licensing page to understand how all the different stages work together to teach proper motorcycle driving skills. Be sure to carry adequate Nova Scotia motorcycle insurance before driving your bike on public roads, as well as maintaining the correct documentation for your bike.

Nova Scotia Motorcycle GDL

Just like passenger vehicle drivers, the NS motorcycle driver's license also follows a three-step process: first you get a NS LM learners license, then you take a Nova Scotia road test to get a Nova Scotia Class 6N license, and eventually you exit the NS motorcycle GDL program once you get your full NS motorcycle license.

You can only begin learning how to ride a motorcycle in NS if you are 16 or older

A motorcycle course can help you learn the basics of how to drive a motorcycle

Motorcycle Driving Test Quiz

Depending on whether you are a completely new driver or hold a full driving license from another Class, the NS motorcycle knowledge test can be one or three sections. For completely new drivers, the three section test will test Nova Scotia road signs, road rules and motorcycle specific rules before you can get your NS motorcycle learner’s license.

Study the Registry of Motor Vehicles - Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook

Practice as many Class 6 practice tests as possible before your learner test

Nova Scotia Road Test

A road test shouldn't have to be stressful. If you've spent lots of time practicing motorcycle driving with a supervising rider as a NS motorcycle learner’s license holder, you should be fairly confident during the Nova Scotia road test for the NS Class 6 newly licensed stage. Stay calm, focused, and pay attention to all examiner directions.

Safety gear is always a requirement when riding a motorcycle anywhere in Canada

The more you practice the smoother your motorcycle maneuvers will be

Booking Your Nova Scotia Road Test

All road tests in Nova Scotia can only be attempted after an appointment has been pre-booked. If you show up at a Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) service location and don't have a valid appointment booked your Nova Scotia road test for passenger vehicles or NS motorcycle will not be allowed. Always book an appointment before attempting a Nova Scotia road test.

Car Nova Scotia Road Test

  • The Registry of Motor Vehicles - Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook is your ultimate guide when it comes to Nova Scotia road signs and road rules. Combining that with Class 7 practice tests sets you up for success nicely.
  • The more you practice driving in Nova Scotia the better your confidence level on your actual Class 5 road test day.
  • All vehicles that arrive for a road test appointment are examined to make sure they are mechanically sound before the test can begin.

NS Motorcycle Road Test

  • Both the Nova Scotia Motorcycle Handbook and the Nova Scotia Drivers Handbook will help you remember the knowledge part of riding a motorcycle in Nova Scotia. If you attempt a couple of class 6 motorcycle practice tests you should be set from a theory perspective
  • Apply the road signs and road rules you learned while you thoroughly practice all your motorcycle riding maneuvers at the Class LM stage
  • You must bring a Registry of Motor Vehicles Nova Scotia approved helmet and riding gear to your motorcycle road test appointment.

Free Online Drivers Test Nova Scotia

We often feel anxiety before a major test and a Nova Scotia driving test quiz for a car license or motorcycle license is no different. The best way to tame that anxiety is to be prepared by attempting as many practice quizzes as possible before taking the Nova Scotia driving test for beginners. We've constructed our  Nova Scotia Class 7 practice test series and our Nova Scotia Class 6 motorcycle practice test to be as close in format and questions as possible to the Registry of Motor Vehicles Nova Scotia beginners test.

Nova Scotia Car Drivers Practice Test

The goal of our series of free Nova Scotia Class 7 practice test sets is to help new drivers make sure they know the Nova Scotia road signs and road rules in terms of how they apply to passenger vehicle drivers really well. The more you practice our quiz sets, the more likely you are to pass the Nova Scotia beginners test on the first attempt and get your NS motorcycle learner’s license.

Nova Scotia Motorcycle Driver's Test

The first step of driving a motorcycle in Nova Scotia is knowing the foundational road signs and road rules like second nature. If you can master the Registry of Motor Vehicles - Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook, the Nova Scotia Motorcycle Handbook and practice all of our NS Class 6 motorcycle quizzes, you will be 100% ready and prepared for this Nova Scotia driving test.