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Believe it or not, the Canadian city of St. John's in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador appears on maps as early as 1519, making it one of the oldest, if not THE oldest city in North America. It is also the largest city and the capital of the province. Given its age, the city has a deep and rich history, with tourism being a major industry. St. John's (believed to be named after John the Baptist, and not to be confused with Saint John, New Brunswick) has maintained its strong sense of heritage, while also evolving to become a vibrant city with all of the modern services & conveniences one would expect – truly a great place to live or visit. Source:

The insurance St. John's consumers need is provided by a wide variety of insurance operators, who tend to specialize in particular kinds of insurance plans. Regardless of your insurance needs you can get information on life insurancehomeowners insurance, motor cycle insurance and cheap St. John's car insurance policies quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your home. We suggest starting with the quickest and easiest option, and compare quotes through our featured St. John's insurance quote comparison service. You can also explore other options as required.

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The insurance industry in St. John's is an outstanding provider of support where licensed agents and brokers are available to help at every step in the St. John's insurance process.

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For St. John's insurance buyers that have particularly challenging situations or who are finding it difficult to get the exact insurance product they need, we invite you to explore our St. John's Insurance Directory to find an insurance broker who can help.

An insurance broker can help you comprehend the specifics of the coverage you are purchasing, and help you work out just what quantity of coverage you will need.

Local agents & brokers can add the often quite significant person-to-person help and assistance for local residents, and can answer questions about bundled policies, insurance discountsinsurance claims, auto accidents, speeding tickets and even whether it's really worth spending all that money on winter tires to save on your auto insurance policy.

Many different insurance representatives serve the St. John's region with an incredible variety of insurance products. Insurance protections such as:

  • Travel Trailer Insurance Policies
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Commercial & Industrial Insurance Cover
  • Business Organization Insurance Coverage Plans
  • Dread Disease Insurance
  • Home Owners Insurance
  • Lender's and Owner's Title Insurance Coverage
  • Students Insurance Coverage Plans
  • Boating Insurance Coverage
  • Health & Dental Insurance Plans
  • Auto Insurance Cover
  • Old Car Insurance Coverage
  • Term, Whole etc. Life Insurance Protection
  • Motorcycle Insurance Policies
  • Mortgage Insurance Coverage
  • Gas & Oil Insurance
  • Pet Insurance Protection
  • Property and Casualty Insurance

IcanDrive seeks, whenever possible, to be useful to all St. John's drivers, St. John's insurance buyers and St. John's residents in general. Hence, we are always seeking to expand our Drivers Directory of Auto Related Services. We want to present Fredericton occupants with as many car insurance alternatives and auto services as feasible. We encourage all St. John's insurance companies, agents and St. John's insurance brokers, as well as other St. John's service providers, to create a free listing in our Canada Drivers Directory.

If you are searching for the best, low cost insurance you can find, but you actually live in another part of Canada, we invite you to explore our find an insurance broker near me service to find an appropriate insurance broker for all of your insurance needs.

What Can Statistics Tell us About St. John's Insurance?

We were curious about what the dominant kinds of St. John's insurance products might be and decided to see what we might learn from the census report that was completed in 2016.

St. John's Population by Age Group

The city of St. John's in Newfoundland and Labrador covers 445.88 square kilometres and has a population density per square kilometre of 244.1  A small increase in the population of St. John's was recorded by StatsCan from 106,172 individuals in 2011 to 108,860 individuals in 2016, amounting to a 2.5% increase. While modest compared to some other areas of Canada, it is probably safe to assume that the need for insurance solutions and products like health insurance protection, dental insurance plans, life insurance coverage, and different kinds of travel insurance and even pet insurance will continue to grow in line with St. John's modest 2.5% population growth.

St. John's Housing and Insurance Products

There are many types of insurance that are related to real estate and personal possessions. The data tells us that the total number of private dwellings in St. John's amounted to 52,410 units. 52,410 private residences represent a fairly substantial need for the types of insurance products that protect homes and their contents from the types of adverse events that can destroy value and result in financial hardship for the owner or residents. Insurance solutions such as mortgage insurance, homeowners insurance, renter insurance, condo insurance and title insurance are also likely to continue to grow in line with St. John's modest 2.5% population growth.

St. John's Income and Insurance Needs

In broad terms,  the residents of St. John's are neither fabulously rich or desperately poor. The average after-tax income in 2015 among recipients was $41,664. Notably, females earned an average of $34,589, while males earned on average, quite substantially more at $49,492. Of the 108,860 residents, 8,770 individuals earned $100,000 or more. Typically, many high-income individuals like doctors, lawyers, business owners and other professionals seek the protection of things like errors and omissions insurance, commercial general liability insurance, construction liability insurance. With the modest growth in St. John's, there is no reason to believe that demand for these kinds of protections will diminish in the future.

St. John's Commuters and Insurance

38,180 residents drove themselves back and forth to work each day in St. John's, with an almost equal number of men (19,300) and women (18,875) participating, with most (23,600) having less than a 15-minute commute (much better than many other Canadian cities). With privatized auto insurance in Newfoundland & Labrador, clearly, car insurance is a vital component of a functioning economy, and along with motorcycle insurance and commercial vehicles insurance this segment is likely to continue to be a foundational element of St. John's economy for a long time to come.

What is the Inside Scoop on Cheap Car Insurance in St. John's?

We hear lots of St. John's motorists ask about "the best St. John's insurance rate" as though the only thing that matters is the lowest price that one can find for one's auto insurance policy. We believe that an excellent rate along with great customer support and a good reputation for fairness with customers is actually your best St. John's car insurance quote. While the odds of having to collect on a car insurance policy due to theft, accident or other misfortune are rather low, should you ever need to make an insurance claim, customer service and a record of dependability and fair dealing with policyholders will quickly become the most important factors and because of this we recommend reviewing some auto insurance company consumer satisfaction ratings before deciding to buy insurance coverage from a particular insurer. Taking in to consideration these factors and other Newfoundland insurance discounts upfront can save you lots of stress later.

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Get a St. John's Insurance Quote

To recognize that you are signing onto the best achievable vehicle insurance package for your requirements, it is necessary to review offers from as many providers as you can. Only then are you in a position to make an educated purchase decision. Through our insurance quote comparison tool we can help. We connect all sorts of St. John's drivers (new, mature, higher risk etc.) with the best free personalized auto insurance quotes available in the market today. Even if you don't have the best driver profile and are in the high-risk insurance demographic we can still help you find good St. John's insurance coverage with one of our St. John's insurance companies or the Insurance section of our Driver's Directory.

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Amazing transformations have occurred in society due to the introduction of the world wide web, not the least of which involves the benefits of acquiring the best insurance St. John's citizens deserve online.

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The same motorist can find that St. John's insurance rates from one company to another can be significantly different so spend some time researching and weighing your options.

Is Auto Insurance Coverage Compulsory in St. John's?

You are by law required to carry a minimum level of St. John's car insurance like every other city in Newfoundland and Labrador. Keeping in mind this minimum compulsory St. John's insurance coverage you still have lots of options from insurance companies in St. John's. When reviewing an insurance quote, a St. John's insurance company will keep your budget in mind, ensure you have at least the adequate minimum coverage and will present additional coverage options to provide greater peace of mind. As a St. John's insurance consumer it's also your responsibility to understand the basic car insurance laws in Newfoundland & Labrador prior to purchasing insurance.

Why is Comparing St. John's Car Insurance Quotes an Effective Way to Lower Your Insurance Rates?

Do you know that it is possible to enter the identical details in a range of rate comparing services, and you're almost certain to never receive the very same rate from each individual insurance provider. Assuming you’ve previously compared St. John's motor vehicle insurance, you've almost certainly observed that based on the companies you compare, the quotes you are given for ones exact individual drivers record, situation etc. etc. are often quite diverse. The price ranges can be quite wide, and can lead to excellent savings.

Different auto insurance companies have got their own individual philosophies regarding how they judge risk. This divergence of opinion with regards to certain risk factors, routinely leads to differences in the car insurance rates you can expect to get from different insurance companies. In Newfoundland and Labrador, thankfully, there's a sizeable number of insurance companies in competition to persuade St. John's drivers to sign on to coverage from their individual auto insurance firm. One way to be confident that one is getting the best achievable auto insurance plan for their requirements, is typically by using a insurance quote comparison tool, which allows multiple companies to be compared for side by side review. In our case, over 20 of the top Canada auto insurance firms are represented.

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