Newfoundland Road Signs Practice Exam #1: Class 5 Level 1

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This free Newfoundland road signs practice exam has been designed to replicate what you are likely see on the road signs portion of your NL drivers permit test - the Class 5 level 1 driving knowledge exam, and to prepare new drivers for the questions the real Newfoundland beginners exam will contain. It is set up in exactly the same manner as the real NL test, with multiple choice questions and four potential answers. While there are no trick questions in this road signs practice exam, just like the real Newfoundland Class 5 Level 1 test, but in certain instances, some answers may seem quite similar. So, take some time to examine each of the answers carefully before providing a response.

This Newfoundland drivers license practice test covers all of the aspects of road sign knowledge required, including regulatory road signs, road warning signs, temporary, information and direction road signs, as well as HOV Signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs). For a recap of all of the different Newfoundland road sign learners test sets available on, please see the following: Newfoundland Class 5 road signs test signs - about regulatory signs, NL drivers practice test - about road warning signs, and Newfoundland driving permit test online - a practice test about temporary, information and direction, and HOV signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs).

Getting Prepared for the Newfoundland Class 5 Level 1 Written Driving Test

In addition to the NL road signs series, we offer three different practice tests for the Newfoundland rules of the road as well. Each practice test addresses a different aspect of the road rules, and if you apply yourself diligently, in a short time, they can help you to acquire the confidence & knowledge you need to pass - typically on the first try if you've also thoroughly studied the NL road users guide (see below for the link). Road rules test number one is: NL class 5 road rules test, test number two is: driver test NL and test number three is: NL drivers permit test. The practice exam for the road rules series is here: NL driving test exam - practice.

When you've satisfactorily completed all six different practice tests, as well as both of the practice exams, you'll almost certainly have significant confidence in your driving knowledge, and be well-equipped to take the actual beginners NL Class 5 driving license test. Our Newfoundland driving test sets are drawn from different areas of the Newfoundland and Labrador road users guide, and also with feedback from previous graduates of Newfoundlands graduated driver license program (GDL). Practice with these tests as much as possible over several days to allow the information to sink in. Feel free to make use of the practice tests on as many times as you require, until you fully grasp the fundamentals of driving safely.

Additional Resources for the Newfoundland Class 5 Level 1 Drivers Test

Additional information for the Newfoundland driving test, including restrictions, test locations, eligibility, documents required, the costs involved etc., can be found on our Newfoundland class 5 practice test & licensing info page. If you require information about other kinds of NL driving licenses, click: Newfoundland drivers licenses.

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