NL Driving Test Online Practice: Road & Traffic Signs #3

  • 4.01/5 (238) is pleased to present our third Class 5 NL Driving Test Online, one of a series of online Newfoundland learners license practice tests that we provide for free. This particular learners test focuses on road signs, specifically temporary, information and direction signs, as well as high-occupancy vehicle signs (HOV signs) as described in the Newfoundland and Labrador road users guide. Along with our other NL online driving practice tests covering road signs - the first available here: Newfoundland class 5 road sign practice test - and the second available here: driving test NL - practice, these online Newfoundland practice test sets have been carefully designed to allow a new car or light truck driver to quickly establish a broad understanding of Newfoundland & Labrador road signs.

Along with the other driving study materials we provide, these practice tests can help teach a person to successfully pass the NL Class 5 examination, often on the very first attempt - which is a good thing because each attempt costs money. After you've completed this sample driving test along with the previous two as well, see how well you do on the Newfoundland road signs practice exam.

Free Newfoundland Learners Test Online Study Aids that any NL Class 5 Level 1 Beginner can Use as Often as Desired

In all, we have six online learners license practice tests for beginner Newfoundland drivers, three of which cover road signs as described above, and another three which cover the rules of the road. In addition, there are two practice exams for each series. The Newfoundland rules of the road can be found here: NL Road Rules #1: Newfoundland class 5 road rules test, NL Road Rules #2: NL driver test and NL Road Rules #3: NL drivers permit test. The road rules practice exam for this series is here: Newfoundland road rules practice exam.

All of the questions and answers in our series of NL driving test online practice exercises are developed from the official Newfoundland and Labrador road users guide, along with assistance and feedback from other beginner drivers who have taken the actual Newfoundland Class 5 learners test. All of our material is designed to reflect the type of questions you'll find in your actual Newfoundland Class 5 level 1 learners test, thus preparing you for the real thing.

Additional Information for our NL Learners Test Online Series and the Drivers Permit NL Mandates:

For additional info about preparing for the Newfoundland Class 5 L1 written test, including eligibility, the costs, time-frame, test locations, documents required, and more, please visit our comprehensive Newfoundland Class 5 Practice Test & License Information page. Once you've concluded all of the above Newfoundland learners tests online, to your satisfaction, and have thoroughly studied the Newfoundland and Labrador road users guide, we're confident that you'll really know your stuff, and in just a few years, you'll be a full class 5 passenger vehicle driver.

Information about other kinds of Newfoundland & Labrador driving licenses can be found here: Newfoundland Drivers Licenses.

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