Newfoundland Driving Test Practice – Road Signs #2

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In preparation for the NL driving test (Class 5, Level 1 NL drivers permit test), this is the second in our collection of free Newfoundland driving test practice study material. This particular test deals with road warning signs, and along with the other Newfoundland driving test practice study material, is meant to help prepare new drivers for the official Newfoundland driving permit test in the best way possible. All of the questions and answers have been created with the assistance of previous attendees of the actual Newfoundland and Labrador written driving test, as well as from the official Newfoundland and Labrador road users guide, to provide an extremely realistic idea of what to expect on the actual NL drivers permit test.

This Newfoundland driving test practice builds on the elements covered in the previous regulatory signs set here: Newfoundland class 5 road signs test. After completing this set and the previous one, move on to the following Newfoundland driving test online, as it covers additional Newfoundland road signs knowledge. When you've finished our 3 NL road sign practice sets, challenge yourself with the comprehensive NL road signs practice exam, which covers all aspects of road signs knowledge. Each of the questions in all of our practice tests are carefully chosen and presented in a similar manner as the questions you're likely to find when you attend the official Newfoundland written driving test.

There's More to the Class 5 level 1 Newfoundland Driving Test than just Road Signs

In addition to road signs, an aspiring Class 5, Level I novice passenger car or light truck driver, must demonstrate sufficient knowledge about Newfoundland's rules of the road. For this reason, offers free road rules study material that can can be found through the following links: NL Road rules #1: NL class 5 road rules practice test, NL Road rules #2: driver test NL and NL Road rules #3: Newfoundland permit practice test. The comprehensive NL road rules practice exam can be found here: Newfoundland drivers permit practice test.

Newfoundland Driving Test Practice - Questions and Answers for the Official Newfoundland Driving Permit Test

Additional information about preparing for the Newfoundland Class 5 learners permit test, including the costs involved, eligibility, documents required, test locations, etc. can be found at Newfoundland Class 5 Practice Test & License Information, and for information on other kinds of Newfoundland & Labrador driving licenses, click here: Newfoundland & Labrador driving licenses.

Like the real NL driving test, you'll find the questions on our Newfoundland driving test practice sets are provided in multiple choice format, and just like any multiple choice exam, its imperative to consider each question and the potential answers very carefully, as some answers can seem similar at first glance. This practice test as well as all of the others available on our site, have been meticulously designed to accompany the Newfoundland and Labrador road users guide, and help new drivers quickly acquire the knowledge and skills needed to successfully pass the Class 5, Level I NL drivers permit test - often on the first attempt, which can save you some money. Let us know how things go for you.

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