Road Rules Practice #2 for the Driving Theory Test NL Requires of Learner Drivers

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This is the second of's free practice sets (Class 5 Level 1) for the driving theory test NL implements for new passenger vehicle drivers. It covers the rules of the road. This particular practice test covers things like right of way, and how demerit points work, and builds upon our previous Newfoundland road rules driving test practice set which can be found here: Newfoundland class 5 road rules test. Following this, our third road rules driving test is here: Newfoundland drivers permit test, which addresses things like driving in inclement weather, railway crossings, passing, merging and accidents etc.

When you've gained some expertise with all three "rules of the road" practice tests, we suggest that you challenge yourself with the NL road rules practice exam. We've worked hard to emulate the look and feel of the real beginners driving test NL implements, so that driving students who use our material will feel more comfortable when they encounter the actual driving theory test NL requires for all new drivers. All of our tutorials have been developed with input from previous students as well as from the Newfoundland and Labrador road users guide, to create an efficient and reliable study tool that can be used as much as required to gain the necessary knowledge and confidence.

Along with the rules of the road, prospective test attendees must also be thoroughly familiar with road signs. Therefore, we offer a variety of driving test practice sets which covers road signs as well. Road signs part 1 is here: Newfoundland class 5 road signs practice test for road warning signs, Road signs part 2 is here: NL drivers practice test, for regulatory signs, and Newfoundland driving test online for temporary, information & direction signs, and HOV signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs). When you have some expertise with these, test your road sign knowledge with our practice exam here: NL driving test questions.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Driving Theory Test NL Offers for the Class 5 Learners License

Similar to other parts of Canada, the driving test NL offers follows a graduated driving license (GDL) program, to ensure that new drivers are a low risk to other others on the road, and can handle the complexities of safe driving. To learn more about the GDL and other requirements for the Newfoundland driving test, please visit: Newfoundland driver practice tests and Class 5 Licensing. There you will find information about certain restrictions, documents required for the NL driving test, eligibility, test locations, the costs involved etc. For information about all other kinds of Newfoundland driving licenses, please visit: Newfoundland driving licenses.

When you are thoroughly familiar with the Newfoundland and Labrador road users guide, and can consistently pass all of our driving test sets, you should be able to easily pass the actual Class 5 L1 driving test NL implements with ease - often on the first try (which will save you money as you have to pay again for each NL driving test attempt).

We welcome your feedback - is there is anything we can improve? Let us know what you think.

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