New Brunswick Road Signs Practice Exam #1

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Our free NB road signs practice exam has been designed to replicate the questions about road & traffic safety signs that one is likely to find on the official New Brunswick driving test for a class 7 driving permit. One of the conditions of getting a NB drivers license, is that a new driver be thoroughly familiar with regulatory signs, road warning signs, high-occupancy vehicle signs (HOV signs) and temporary, information and direction signs, as specified in the New Brunswick driver's handbook. All of our instructional material is drawn from all aspects of the NB drivers handbook as well as with input from previous graduates of the NB beginners driving test.

This NB road signs practice exam covers all of the road sign possibilities that were covered in previous lessons. For a recap of the different NB practice driving test sets available on for road signs, please see the following: New Brunswick Class 7 road signs test signs - about regulatory signs, NB drivers practice test - about road warning signs, and New Brunswick driving permit test online - a practice test about temporary, information and direction, and HOV signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs).

Our NB road signs practice exam is set up in exactly the same way as the genuine NB permit test, with multiple choice questions and 4 potential answers. Just like the real New Brunswick driving test, there are no trick questions, but some answers may seem quite similar at first glance, so, take a little time to examine each question and potential answers properly before providing a response.

Preparing for the NB Driving Test (Class 7) and a Full New Brunswick Class 5 Drivers License offers several NB practice driving test sets to help new driving students acquire a class 7 NB drivers license. Each practice test sample addresses a different aspect of the Service NB drivers test, and in a minimum amount of time, can help you to acquire the knowledge & confidence new car and light truck drivers need to succeed.

In addition to the above mentioned road signs tests, we offer 3 practice test sets for New Brunswick rules of the road as well. Road rules test number one is: New Brunswick beginners test - road rules, road rules test number two is: New Brunswick drivers test and road rules test number three is: New Brunswick permit test. The road rules practice exam for the road rules series is here: practice drivers test NB.

When you have completed all of our NB practice driving test samples and both practice exams and thoroughly studied the New Brunswick drivers handbook, you'll be well-equipped to take the official New Brunswick learners driving test. Practice as much as you can over several days to allow knowledge to really sink in. As they say, practice makes perfect

Additional Resources for the New Brunswick Beginners Driving Test:

Additional information for the New Brunswick learners driving test, including eligibility, documents required, test locations, the costs involved and more, can be found on our New Brunswick class 7 licensing info & practice test page. Use our beginners test sets as many times as you want, until you fully understand the fundamentals of driving safely.

If you require information about other kinds of New Brunswick driving licenses, click: NB drivers licence.

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