New Brunswick Rules of the Road Practice Test #2

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This is the second in 's free series of New Brunswick rules of the road practice test sets for aspiring Class 7 Level 1 drivers. A Class 7 Level 1 NB learner's license is the first step in obtaining an unrestricted class 5 licence, which enables those that have successfully passed the Service NB drivers test, to legally drive various kinds of passenger vehicles in New Brunswick. This carefully designed New Brunswick rules of the road practice test covers rules like right of way and how demerit points work etc. etc. This particular NB drivers practice test builds on the information found in the first NB drivers practice test (covering basic rules of the road) which can be found here:NB beginners practice test), and our third NB driving test (covering railway crossings, driving in inclement weather, passing, merging and accidents etc.) which can be found here: New Brunswick drivers permit test. When you're comfortable with all three NB drivers practice test sets, see how you do with the road rules practice exam here: NB practice driving test.

There's More than our New Brunswick Rules of the Road Practice Test Sets:

Beginner Class 7 New Brunswick drivers must not only be thoroughly familiar with the rules of the road, but they must also be expert on road signs. For this reason, also offers a series of NB drivers test sets for NB road signs. When you're confident with your road rules knowledge, we invite you to explore: New Brunswick class 7 road signs practice test for road warning signs, NB drivers practice test for temporary, information & direction signs, and HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) signs, and online permit test NB for regulatory signs. When you feel you have mastered the road sign series, challenge yourself with our New Brunswick driving test road signs practice exam.

All of the questions in our NB drivers practice test sets, covering both road signs and road rules, represent the kinds of questions its likely you'll actually encounter when you take the actual NB drivers test. They have been carefully constructed not only from the New Brunswick driver's handbook, but also with feedback from previous students, to create reliable and efficient study tools that are free to use as much as needed to acquire a Class 7 L1 New Brunswick drivers license.

Frequently Asked Questions About the NB Drivers Test & Class 7 Learners License

Like all areas of Canada, New Brunswick has developed a graduated drivers license (GDL) program. A graduated driving license system helps to ensure that new car and truck drivers can handle the complexities safe driving and are a minimal risk to others on the road as they gain experience. The New Brunswick GDL program is more fully addressed on our NB practice test and Class 7 Licensing section, where we discuss things like the documents required for a NB Class 7 learners licence, eligibility, the costs involved and more. For all other kinds of New Brunswick driving licenses, see: New Brunswick driving licenses.

With a concerted effort to thoroughly study the New Brunswick driver's handbook, and some time spent with all of our NB drivers practice test sets and practice exams, we're confident that most people will be able to easily pass the Service NB Drivers Test for a Class 7 L1 driver license with no trouble at all - often on the very first try (which can save you money as each attempt at the NB drivers test costs money). We at have worked hard on our New Brunswick driving quiz sets and believe they are among the best available for the NB learners test. Let us know if you think there is anything we can improve - we always value user feedback.

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