Free New Brunswick Practice Permit Test Series (Class 7)

It's not only about passing the NB beginners test, but also about developing a real, deep understanding of the road rules and what the traffic signs mean, for a lifetime of safer driving. Our educational & fun New Brunswick practice permit test series can really help.

Free New Brunswick Road Signs & Rules Practice Permit Test Sets

Each of 's series of New Brunswick practice permit test sets (Class 7) are absolutely free to use. Challenge yourself with each of them as many times as you want, to help you study for the first stage of the New Brunswick graduated driver's licence program, and to develop the driving knowledge and confidence needed to pass the official New Brunswick drivers permit test. Our NB class 7 knowledge tests have been carefully designed to complement the New Brunswick Driver's Handbook. We believe that one of the best ways to quickly increase your knowledge of the rules of the road and the traffic safety signs, is by repeatedly practicing with these New Brunswick practice permit test sets and practice exams until you can consistently get a passing grade every time. If your eventual goal is to get through the New Brunswick graduated motorcycle licensing process, we invite you to use our New Brunswick motorcycle practice test series as well.

New Brunswick Road Signs

Become a New Brunswick Road Signs expert with our New Brunswick traffic signs test practice series

Class 7 Road Signs Practice Test - NB

Class 7 Road Signs Practice Test - NB

This is the first of three New Brunswick Class 7 practice test samples that address the road signs part of the New Brunswick beginners written driving test. In this first set, regulatory road signs are covered.


NB Drivers Practice Test

NB Drivers Practice Test

Our second New Brunswick drivers practice test addresses a different aspect of road sign types which is warning signs that are in place to provide a warning to drivers of changes in the flow of traffic or other dangers that lie ahead.


Online Permit Test New Brunswick

Online Permit Test New Brunswick

Our third New Brunswick online permit test, deals with information and direction signs. These are typically road signs that are in place for a short period of time, but essential for all drivers to understand.


New Brunswick Driving Exam

New Brunswick Driving Exam

The questions contained in this practice exam have been randomly drawn from the previous three Class 7 road signs practice test sections. It will give you a realistic sense of what the real test will be like.


New Brunswick Road Rules

Become an New Brunswick Road Rules expert with our New Brunswick traffic signs test practice series

Class 7 Road Rules Practice Test - NB

Class 7 Road Rules Practice Test - NB

This is the first in a series of "rules of the road" sample practice tests, designed to help prepare you for the New Brunswick Class 7 learners permit exam.


New Brunswick Drivers Test

New Brunswick Drivers Test

This New Brunswick drivers test, is the second in our "road rules" series, and builds upon the elements presented in the previous rules of the road practice test.


New Brunswick Drivers Permit Test

New Brunswick Drivers Permit Test

The third and last New Brunswick drivers permit test deals with the rules of road safety. Everyone seeking a New Brunswick drivers permit must understand these.


Practice Permit Exam NB

Practice Permit Exam NB

This NB practice permit test covers all NB road rules and is designed for those who have already completed the three previous rules of the road practice learners tests.


The Best Way To Study For Your Service NB Drivers Test - Class 7

Study smart and focus primarily on the key concepts you need to know for the Class 7 Service NB drivers test.

The New Brunswick drivers permit test is a written test that evaluates whether you have a good enough understanding of New Brunswick's road signs and road rules, to be allowed to begin the process of learning to drive on the public roads and highways. In addition to learning the information contained in the New Brunswick drivers handbook, knowing what to expect on the actual Class 7 NB drivers test (NB driving knowledge test) and practicing NB driving test sets can really help you pass on your first attempt. Aiming to pass on the first attempt should be your objective since each re-test attempt costs more money.

Carefully Read The NB Drivers Handbook

Make sure you dedicate a good amount of time to learning the material and understanding the concepts as explained in the New Brunswick Drivers Handbook. The New Brunswick driver's handbook should be your main source of information on NB's road signs and road rules.

Ask Questions

Refer to the NB drivers handbook for the most detailed information if something doesn't make sense either on the road signs or road tests sections. You can also ask questions in our comments section (we typically respond in a day or two). Researching information on the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety website is also a great resource.

Practice Our NB Practice Driving Tests

As we've all heard before, "practice makes perfect", so the more of our New Brunswick practice permit test sets you can master, the better. They will dramatically increase your chances of passing the Class 7 Service NB drivers license test on your first attempt.

Attempting The New Brunswick Drivers Permit Test

The real New Brunswick drivers permit test is presented in a multiple choice format - just like the series of New Brunswick drivers permit practice test sets.

Each of the 40 questions has four possible answers, only one of which is the correct answer. While there are no trick questions, some answers may seem quite similar at first glance, so read each question carefully. Take your time and choose the best possible answer without deciding too quickly. Our New Brunswick practice permit test series will give you a lot of experience with the many different kinds of questions that could appear on your actual New Brunswick drivers permit test - it's simply the best way to prepare for the NB beginners test.

Driving With Your New Brunswick Beginners Permit Licence

Once you've passed the permit test NB mandates, as a new holder of a Class 7 licence, you now have the ability to begin learning how to drive and practice your driving skills, in real life, on-road practice sessions. There are some important Class 7 license guidelines and restrictions you must adhere to in order to be a safe and stay within the NB Graduated Driver's Licence requirements:

Supervised Driving

At the Class 7 Level 1 stage, you must always be accompanied by a fully licensed (Class 5 non-GDL) driver, 18 years or older with a minimum of 3 years driving experience, who is seated in the front seat.

No Alcohol

Blood alcohol levels must always be at zero when operating a vehicle at the Class 7 Learner licensing level and you could lose your licence if your caught drinking and driving in NB.

Restricted Nighttime Driving

At a Class 7 Level 1 licensing level you are not allowed to operate a vehicle between the hours of midnight and 5 am.

Passenger Limit

Aside from the supervising driving no other passengers (family members or otherwise) are allowed to be in the vehicle with you.

Handheld Devices Are Banned

No handheld devices (cellphones, tablets etc) are allowed when your driving and you could face an immediate licence suspension if charged with distracted driving.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Use as much of the time at this stage to practice driving and really build a strong driving profile for your road test.

Frequently Asked Questions About the NB Beginners Test and our New Brunswick Practice Permit Test Sets

The team at strives to make sure we provide all the information you need to get your NB learners licence in a way that is as easy and stress free as possible. We've put together some answers to what we've found to be the most commonly asked questions, not only about the NB beginners test, but also about our New Brunswick practice permit test series.


If you are a NB resident, you may apply for a Class 7 drivers licence (take the New Brunswick drivers permit test) under the Graduated Licence Program at the age of 16 with parental consent (if under 18).


Acceptable Identification Documents (at least one required). Must contain the applicant’s full legal name and date of birth and must be valid. Only original documents or copies certified by the issuing agency are acceptable.

-Valid Canadian Passport
-Canadian Provincial/Territorial Government-issued Birth Certificate
-DND Driver Permit
-Court Order (Legal Name, DOB, Court Seal)
-Study Permit (CIC)
-Record of Landing (Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC))
-Permanent Resident Card (CIC)
-Citizenship Certificate issued prior to February 1, 2012 (CIC)
-Temporary Resident Permit (CIC)
-Work Permit (CIC)
-Visitor Record (CIC)
-Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS)
-Valid Foreign Passport with Accompanying Immigration Document

Acceptable Proof of New Brunswick Residency (at least two required) Documents must reflect the address being used for the driver licence.

-A Utility Bill – electricity, phone, internet, cable, water/sewer or a home heating fuel invoice (propane, oil, natural gas, etc. which is a current bill (not older than 2 months. Must contain name of applicant OR legal guardian; immediate family member which includes husband, wife - including common-law & same sex marriage; parent, grandmother; grandfather, son, daughter, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister) living at the same residence:

-Property Tax Bill
-Residential Lease (must be completed and signed by landlord & tenant)
-Social Assistance Benefit Confirmation (welfare, EI)
-Declaration from a Guarantor form
-Bank Statement, cancelled or void cheque with address
-Employment Confirmation or pay stub
-Child Tax Credit Cheque/stub
-Mortgage Documents
-Personal Taxes (current year)

Unacceptable Identification: Medicare Cards, Social Insurance Number (SIN) cards, Liquor Control Photo ID Cards, Library Cards, Fishing or Hunting Licence, Credit Cards


The permit test NB mandates, can be taken at any one of the service NB drivers test locations across the province. The service NB drivers test office will have an automated driver testing system in place.

Appointments can be made by telephone through Service New Brunswick's Teleservices at 1-888-762-8600. Testing is available in both official languages.

A service NB drivers license office near you can be found through the following link:

Permit Test NB Locations


Our series of New Brunswick drivers permit practice test sets have proved to be a highly effective means of studying for the NB beginners test. Lots of people have expressed their thanks for making things so much easier. Our New Brunswick practice permit test sets 2019 version is one of the most effective tools for new drivers seeking to obtain their Class 7 this year. The beginners practice test NB needs is right here.

With this New Brunswick practice permit test series, new NB drivers will have a greater chance of passing the test on the first attempt and be less likely to need to repeat it. It's simply one of the most useful and effective tools available to prepare you for the Class 7 New Brunswick drivers license test, providing confidence and a much greater understanding of the test itself.

By using each NB drivers practice test in order to build your knowledge over time, you can go in to take the official test more prepared, and with a good idea of what to expect. This makes it less stressful for you and also prepares you to handle any question that comes your way.


All of the questions on our New Brunswick practice permit test series were developed from the exact same source as the real test - the New Brunswick driver's handbook. By going through each of the New Brunswick practice permit test sets, and the practice exams, new drivers can test themselves on questions which cover all the rules of the road as well as the road signs you need to know.

To help create these New Brunswick practice permit test sets, New Brunswick drivers who have already taken the learner drivers test New Brunswick requires, have also provided input. This allows the practice tests to be even more accurate in terms of feel and layout.


The official New Brunswick beginners test has 40 questions, covering aspects of the road signs and rules of the road. The questions are generated randomly by a computer system from a database, so there is no way to know any of the questions in advance. On the real permit test NB makes available, you cannot make more than 8 mistakes and still pass.


There is a cost every time you take the New Brunswick drivers permit test, and if you have to re-take it you will have to pay again. For the Written test, the first attempt is $25.00, while a re-write is $15.00.

You may be able to save yourself some money. Every New Brunswick practice permit test set on is absolutely free. That means that you can take all six of the focused practice tests as well as both of the more advanced practice exams, as many times as you need to prepare for the real New Brunswick drivers permit test. If you take these free tutorials seriously, you may be able to avoid having to pay extra for a re-test.


Every one of the practice tests in's New Brunswick practice permit test series has been designed to be just like the real test. They all use the same format and present questions on the rules of the road and the road signs in the exact same way. It is quite possible to see some of the very same question on the official New Brunswick permit test.

The process for generating the real Class 7 learners driver license test is an automated one where all the questions are drawn randomly from a database of possibilities. There’s no way to predict which questions will actually appear on your NB permit test.

Our NB learners practice tests - 2019 edition is up to date and covers all of the current road rules and the traffic safety signs. This makes it an excellent representation of the actual test and simply one of the best study tools available.


These New Brunswick practice permit test tutorials are designed to mimic the actual testing that is done at the service NB locations. The actual New Brunswick beginners permit test presents applicants with multiple choice questions and four possible answers to choose from.

Our series of practice test sets and practice exams will give you a good feel for how the real test appears and the kinds of questions that are likely to be on it.

There are a total of six practice permit test sets which focus on specific areas of the driving knowledge you will need. These include three rules of the road tests and three separate road signs tests, each focusing on a different aspect of driving knowledge as presented in the NB drivers handbook.

The last two New Brunswick practice permit exams are designed to be used when you have built up your knowledge and want to challenge yourself before taking the real permit test NB requires. They are comprehensive exams covering all areas of either the rules of the road or the road signs.

Beyond the NB Practice Permit

Once you've passed the 7L permit test, you get to the fun part -  practicing how to drive. However, you can only drive under the supervision of a fully licensed NB driver sitting in the front seat. You must remain at the 7L stage for a minimum of 12 months (8 months with driver training) probation free before you can apply for your next licence.

In order to move to the Class 7 Level 2 stage you will be required to take a road test, demonstrating excellent driving ability and control of your vehicle.

Looking For More Information On the New Brunswick GDL Process?

New drivers learning how to drive in NB move through a three stage process, which builds driving knowledge over time. From the theoretical learning at the Class 7 Level 1 stage to driving under supervision and eventually getting their full Class 5 licence, all New Brunswick drivers must work their way through the GDL process before they can get their full unrestricted NB driving licence. The NB GDL process is actually an excellent way to introduce new drivers to the roads of New Brunswick while keeping other users of the roads as safe as possible.

GDL Process

The 3 step NB GDL process is designed to help drivers build strong driving skills and good confidence in their ability to independently handle a car in NB.

Class 7 Level 1

By passing the New Brunswick driver's permit test new drivers can demonstrate their knowledge of NB road signs/rules and start driving under supervision.

Class 7 Level 2

The NB Class 7 Level 2 stage is designed to help NB master more complicated driving skills and better judgement when it comes to driving on NB roads.

NB Class 5

The NB Class 5 licence is the final, full car licence that New Brunswick drivers get after successfully passing all tests within the NB GDL process.