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Whether you are a homeowner, live in a condominium or rent your apartment, you have precious things to protect. House insurance, condo insurance or apartment renters insurance is there to protect the things that really matter. However, home insurance can often feel like a big, added expense, with people generally worried about having enough coverage while at the same time, concerned about overpaying and getting the best value for the home insurance Canada needs. We want to take away the worry associated with getting just a single quote, by providing a method to freely compare Canada home insurance providers. We work with most of the best home insurance companies in Canada, to make sure our visitors get the best and most competitively priced Canadian home insurance quotes on the market today.

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Getting a Canada home insurance quote shouldn't be a time consuming or lengthy process. Whether it's house insurance, condominium insurance or renters insurance, we offer a powerful home insurance calculator to compare Canada house insurance products from a broad range of home insurance companies.

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Our focus is our visitors, and we know how important it is to find the home insurance Canada needs without a sacrifice of quality. Finding top quality cheap Canadian home insurance is most likely when you compare multiple home insurance providers. We make that super easy to do with our free service.

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Not only is our service fast and able to uncover cheap home insurance, but we do it at absolutely no cost to you. You can walk away knowing that you have thoroughly shopped the Canada home insurance market and been exposed to some of the best house insurance policies available and gotten a really good price.

Why Compare Canadian Home Insurance Quotes?

Your home is probably one of the most expensive assets you will ever acquire. You need to consider what amount of homeowners insurance coverage you require to protect that valuable asset if something bad should happen. House and contents insurance should be a staple in every Canadian household, and beyond the basic level of home insurance coverage every homeowner or renter should carry, there are custom options or add-ons that you can attach to your home insurance policy for greater peace of mind. Decide on what you want and need, then compare home insurance rates from a variety of different providers to find the cheap home insurance Canada desires. Click the tabs below for more information.

This type of home insurance coverage is ideal for individuals looking to save some money. The coverage extends to your home, its contents and the associated liability, but only covers for damages outlined within your insurance policy.

This type of home insurance coverage is the most inclusive of most possible risks and will cover your property and the internal contents from all risks except for a few exceptions. Comprehensive coverage will not cover for items qualified as "Optional Risks" which are items such as sewage backup, earthquakes etc. for which you can purchase separate, optional coverage. Comprehensive coverage will also not cover for items qualified as "Un-insurable Perils" which are items or risks that could have been avoided with proper planning. For example, building your house in a flood zone means you can't be insured against damage from a potential flood because you could have avoided the risk at the beginning. The perils or risks for which coverage is applicable within a comprehensive house insurance policy includes coverage for aircraft or vehicle impact, fire, lightning, theft and window breakage

This type of home insurance coverage is a half-way point between basic and comprehensive home insurance coverage. At a lower cost than complete comprehensive coverage, your coverage will extend to main items like your home but will provide very basic coverage for the items inside your house.

No frills coverage is more of an exception to the rule of home insurance coverage and will only be offered by some insurance companies in situations where your home does not meet typical standards. For example if you own a house that is in very bad condition, the insurance company may only offer you a very limited policy and associated home insurance coverage for that property.

Canada Home Insurance Quote Comparison Services:
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Buying a home is a very large investment, and buying home insurance can be a stressful process where you try to balance the cost of insurance with the level of coverage you think you require.  There are quite a few items that can greatly affect a home insurance quote and using a home insurance quotes comparison service is one of the best ways to know that you are getting a good price. In addition to knowing all your options make sure you read through our quick tips on how to save on the home insurance Canada requires.

Combine Your Insurance Products

Combining your insurance policies with one single provider not only makes it easier to manage from a contact perspective, but you might also qualify for additional discounts because you are bringing more business to the same insurance company.

Increase Your Deductible

Your deductible is the amount you as a policy holder agree to pay against any claim before any payments are made by your insurance provider. Raising your deductible signals that you are prepared to accept greater risk when it comes to a home insurance claim and will automatically bring down your premiums, saving money on a month basis.

Claim Less

It's not so much the size of an insurance claim but the number of insurance claims you make that affects your profile from a home insurance providers perspective. Insurance companies tend to penalize individuals who they perceive as making unnecessary claims by giving them a higher insurance quote. So make sure you properly assess whether it's worth making an insurance claim before contacting your insurance company.

Only Buy What You Need

When applying for a quote for home insurance, make sure you don't include the cost of the land in your home value. You can never really claim anything on the land and leaving it out of the home value substantially lowers your premiums.

Increase Safety

Safety measures like cameras, an alarm system etc. not only help protect your property, but they signal that your property is protected and could potentially lower the associated insurance premiums. Installing a proper sprinkler system against potential fires, installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and/or updating electrical circuitry are all great ways to increase safety measures of your home.

Look For Discounts And Deals

Everything from being a senior, making improvements to your property and owning your home outright can be the source of a discount on your house insurance. You may also get a discount by combining your home and auto insurance. Make sure you ask your insurance provider for any discounts you may qualify for.

Quit Smoking

A lot of people assume that smoking only has an impact on life insurance but in reality, insurance companies see a direct correlation with homeowners who smoke and home fires that can be caused by careless smoking. Not smoking puts your insurance profile in a better light and you might just qualify for a lower quote.

Shop Around for the Best Canada Home Insurance Quotes

Like any insurance type, the more you shop around, the more you know and the more you could save on your home insurance, condo insurance, apartment insurance or renters insurance Look around at a couple of good insurance providers and see what is the cheapest, best-fit home insurance quote you can get to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Be sure to understand your policy properly, so there are no surprises or disappointments in the event of a claim.

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Depending on where you live the process of getting insurance can differ. Choosing your province or territory allows us to direct you to the right people and resources who can provide the best possible insurance coverage for your needs. With everything from auto insurance to motorcycle insurance, life insurance and home insurance, our compare Canadian insurance quotes technology has you covered.

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The best way to know you are getting the most out of your insurance quote is to compare and shop around - we can do that for you. Choose the type of insurance coverage you are looking for and lets get started.

Car Insurance

Car insurance helps protect you and others from financial loss in the event you are in a car accident. It is very important to ensure the safety of all road users.

Motorcycle Insurance

The freedom of driving a motorcycle should be balanced with an adequate motorcycle insurance policy in the event you are ever in an accident.

Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance helps you own, maintain and protect your home from various kinds of damage to your home or its contents.

Life Insurance

Life insurance helps people feel peace of mind, that in the event of someones passing, family or loved ones will be financially taken care of.