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Grey Power Car Insurance Company

Auto Insurance for Those Over 50

The belief behind Grey Power Insurance is simple: years of driving experience and good driving habits without traffic tickets and vehicle accidents should be rewarded with cheap rates on car insurance policies. This unique insurance company is aimed at drivers over the age of 50 who have clean and safe driving records, who are looking to save on their auto insurance. The company offers a variety of products for mature, experienced drivers.

About Grey Power Insurance.

Founded in 1993, Grey Power was the first 50 plus insurance company in Canada. The company was created out to serve the market of mature drivers whose experience and skill on the road make them safer drivers. After the company changed its name to GP, it was acquired by Intact Financial Corp, who remains dedicated to providing low insurance rates to drivers in the over 50 market.

Grey Power offers all of the same policy options and benefits as other insurance companies, but also has some notable features that are very different. Policyholders are eligible for GP's version of accident forgiveness, called the Responsible Driver Guarantee. They also promise to “Take Your Word For It”, and will accept a client's version of what happened in an accident without question. That means if you say you were not at fault, GP will accept your version of events as fact.

The Grey Power name, now under the shortened GP represents a company that is dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage to meet the needs of mature drivers and more. The company offers car insurance as well as home insurance and many other policy types. They offer the most comprehensive 50 plus insurance programs in Canada.

UPDATE: The Grey Power or GP insurance company was ultimately acquired by Intact Financial Corp. Intact has now consolidated its Grey Power business under the banner of Belairdirect.

Shopping for 50 Plus Insurance.

Grey Power insurance quotes are available online directly from the insurance company's website or through Grey Power brokers across the country. Many of Canada's favorite insurance information and car insurance quote compare websites also offer Grey Power insurance quotes. 50 plus drivers searching for the best deal on their car insurance will likely find that comparing the policies that GP has to offer with the other insurance companies available to them is the best way to ensure a great rate.

Most insurance companies do make some changes to their rates based on the experience level of the driver, but few have a program that is dedicated to the over 50 market. That doesn't mean that they won't be able to offer you a competitive rate – it's a good idea to compare Grey Power insurance quotes with quotes from other companies before you make a decision.

Of course, an insurance policy is about more than just the rate. It is important to make sure that you are getting all of the coverage you need as well as the customer service you expect from your insurance company.

Comparing 50 Plus Insurance Policies.

When you compare two quotes, you are comparing more than just the bottom line, the premium. You are comparing the coverage on the policy as well as the companies themselves. You want to know that the company has a great reputation for customer service, both in every day interactions and when a claim is filed. It is in the event of a claim that many people discover they are less than satisfied with their insurance company, so looking at claims satisfaction ahead of time is the best way to avoid this issue. Grey Power has earned a reputation for excellent service both before and after a claim, which is why it has become one of Canada's top choices for mature drivers.

Grey Power insurance brokers can help you to understand what makes their policy different so that you can compare it fairly to your other insurance options. As a mature, experienced driver with a good driving record, you qualify for some of the best insurance rates out there. Take advantage of what you have earned through your years on the road and give our free auto insurance quotes online service a try. You may be very pleasantly surprised.