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Assurance Auto: Quebec Car Insurance Companies

Car insurance in Quebec is handled in part by a provincial insurance company and in part by private car insurance companies. The Societe de l'assurance automobile du Quebec handles the part of insurance that covers bodily injury.  Property damage insurance is covered by one of many private insurance companies offering policies to Quebec residents.

Choosing a Quebec Insurance Company

The best way to choose the right insurance company is to get multiple quotes and then compare the companies based on rates, coverage levels, and the company's reputation as well. With many choices for your property damage coverage, it's best to look at several insurance companies before you buy. Quoting online is the fastest and easiest way to compare car insurance quotes on the property damage part of your Quebec assurance auto policy.

Quebec Auto Insurance Company Listings:

Assurance auto, or auto insurance, in Quebec is partially privatized allowing drivers to shop around and compare auto insurance quotes for their coverage needs. There are many insurance companies that write auto insurance in Quebec. Among them are large, international, Canada-wide companies, and some provincial companies. These insurance companies are among the top choices for Quebec drivers.

SSQ Assurance Auto

SSQ has been offering Quebec drivers auto insurance for more than 25 years, but has been around in the province for more than 60 years. The Quebec-based company offers drivers competitive rates using special rating systems such as the Kilo Program. This program is bases rates on how many kilometers the driver averages each year. To make using insurance policies simple insurers offer longer term contracts to hold rates steady and have online quoting and claims services.

The Co-Operators

A Canadian company founded on the principles of co-operative services, the Co-Operators insurance company has been in business for more than 65 years. Built out of the needs of farmers in 1945, the company now insures more than a million drivers across Canada. The Co-operators use a co-operative insurance system where all the premiums are paid help to pay out claims as needed. Their insurance auto policies can be quoted online and are also available through agents across Quebec.


One of the largest insurance companies in the United States, Allstate also insures drivers in Canadian provinces including Quebec. Founded in 1931, the Allstate insurance company, is known for advancing how auto insurance is handled with innovations to policies. They were among the first companies to introduce accident forgiveness and are also known for rewards to good drivers. Allstate Canada offers full-service quoting and other services online.

RBC Insurance

Canada's largest bank-owned insurance company, RBC is backed by the financial stability of the Royal Bank of Canada, a company with a history more than 150 years in length, and provides good value in car insurance to Quebec drivers from a name Canadians know and trust. RBC offers online services that include quoting and claims services, and offers 24-hour phone services as well.


Among the top insurers across the globe, the Aviva Canada insurance company offers personalized service to Quebec drivers with the stability of an international company. Aviva is among the largest insurance companies in the world and dates back to the 17th century in England and the late 1800s in Canada. In spite of being an old company, Aviva has moved with the times and offers the latest in assurance auto options for Quebec drivers, including discounts and online services to make quoting and getting a policy easy.

Thankfully, there are many fine insurance company choices for your insurance coverage needs, and with the rise of the internet, and free, online insurance company comparisons, it's easier than ever to get the affordable auto insurance you require.