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Canada is served by some of the best car insurance companies in the world. Not only do some of the best (financially stable, reliable and honest) auto insurance companies operate in Canada, but many companies offer cheap insurance to drivers with the right risk profile. However, it would be unfair to call them “cheap car insurance companies” as they are typically very high quality institutions – perhaps “low cost” would be better. Canada motor vehicle insurance is a vast industry employing many tens of thousands of people while offering a staggering array of benefits and safeguards to the Canadian public. For a more in depth analysis of the insurance industry in Canada, visit for their insurance industry in Canada analysis.

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As with most business nowadays, almost all auto insurance companies have an online presence, some even participate in free online insurance quote compare systems. Having an online presence enables both the car insurance company customers as well as company employees and representatives to operate far more efficiently. Vehicle insurance quotes, claims handling, billing, and information distribution can all be done online in a way that is beneficial to all. In one way or another, there are car insurance companies serving all areas of Canada, including car insurance companies in Quebec. If you are unable to find the particular insurance company you are looking for in our selection of profiles, we invite you to search the insurance section of our Drivers Directory here.

Due to the nature of the insurance business, many insurance companies specialize in a particular type of insurance coverage, while others offer a comprehensive array of insurance products. Below are some of the more well-known insurance companies operating in Canada, grouped according to the kinds of insurance products they are typically known for.


The Progressive Auto Insurance Company does not operate in Canada, but due to extensive TV advertising, many Canadians assume it does. Capital One while not an insurance company does still provide insurance for the use of their credit card services. The Grey Power or GP insurance company acquired by Intact Financial Corp and now consolidated under the banner of BelairdirectThe Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company (1887-2013) after which it was acquired by the The Travelers Companies in America.

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Car Insurance Company Ratings, Rankings and Reviews

Among the top insurance companies in Canada are companies that specialize in various sectors like: motorcycle insurance, life insurance and home insurance, while others like banks offer a broad array of additional financial services. Some auto insurance companies are international in scope, offering not only car insurance but a wide variety of other insurance products. Therefore, if one is interested in an insurance company ranking or insurance company ratings or reviews it’s probably best to search those specific terms while including a regional location in your favorite search engine. Or you could search our car insurance directory for local auto insurance companies ratings and reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Companies In Canada

Which Is the Best Insurance Company In Canada

There are numerous companies that operate in Canada and depending on the type of coverage you are looking for you have many options to choose from. Spend some time looking at the products, reputation and customer service for each Canadian insurance company you are interested in before you make an insurance purchase decision.

How do I choose the best car insurance?

The best way to choose the best car insurance for your needs and driving profile is to compare rates across as many insurance providers as possible, commit to researching your top insurance options and then making an informed purchase decision.

Who is the biggest insurance company in Canada?

The five biggest insurance companies in Canada are
Manulife Financial Corp
Power FInancial
Sun Life Financial
Fairfax Financial
Industrial Alliance Insurance

Which life insurance company has the best rates?

Life insurance comes in many different forms and policies. Before you can decide on the best life insurance company for your needs you understand the difference between the type of insurance you can purchase. Only then can you start researching life insurance companies that provide your preferred type of coverage.

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