Winter Tires – Should you buy winter tires from the dealership

Most car dealerships carry a selection of winter tires and will sell them and install them for you. The selection of winter tires depends on the dealership; some will have more available than others and what they don't have in stock they can usually order for you. There are some caveats to ordering from the dealership, however, the main one being that they may not offer the best possible price.

Those seeking cheap winter tires might be better served by shopping around elsewhere rather than buying their winter tires from the dealer. Some dealers may have winter tires sales where their prices are reduced, and in this case you might be able to get a good deal. Before you buy from the dealership though, be sure to shop around and compare prices.

Ordering Tires from the Dealership

Most dealerships will offer tires that fit the cars they sell, but usually this is mainly for their new cars. While any dealership can take different makes and models in on a trade, that doesn't mean they are able to properly service those vehicles or that they have winter tires available.

In many cases the winter tires on hand at a dealership are limited, and they only care a certain selection of tire brands. You can usually special order your winter tires through the dealership, but you will have to wait for them to arrive. Many dealers will be able to order for same day or next day service, so in most cases the wait won't be too long. Every dealer will differ as to what brands they offer. While one dealership may offer Cooper winter tires and Hankook winter tires, another may instead offer Nexen winter tires or Arctic Claw winter tires.

If you choose to order tires through the dealership, it's important to read winter tire reviews before you make a decision. Be sure you are choosing the best winter tires for your vehicle. The service center at your local dealership may not have an expert on winter tires on staff and may not be able to make the best winter tire recommendation. Reading online winter tire ratings and learning about your options will help you make a more informed decision.

Getting the Best Deal

If you are seeking cheap winter tires, buying from the dealership may not be the best choice. For one thing, dealers do not usually sell used winter tires, which are usually the best budget option. They also tend to be in the higher price range for the same tires you could buy elsewhere. Goodyear winter tires sold by the dealership may be cheaper at other retailers. Costco winter tires may well be the same brand and model as those sold at your local dealer and yet cost considerably less.

Because winter tires are not really where dealers put their focus, they don't have a lot of incentive to lower their prices and offer better deals to buyers. In many cases, people who buy from the dealer are either in a rush or are simply not concerned about the cost, and the dealerships will cater to those people.

The Right Winter Tires

Unlike with parts, there are no specific winter tires that are designed just for a certain make and model of car. Instead, what you need to focus on is the right size winter tires for your car. Most people who choose to get repairs done at the dealership do so because the dealer has the parts they need and the service people have experience working with those cars. That same rule doesn't really apply when it comes to buying tires.

In most cases you will get better advice and assistance from an expert in tires. Retailers who sell a lot of tires, especially those for whom tires are the main focus of their business, will be better able to help you select the best winter tires for your car.

Of course, there is a lot to be said for researching the tires yourself. You will get unbiased winter tire reviews if you look for them online, from people who have purchased and used the same brand. This can be very helpful in selecting the right set for your needs.

Shop Around

The bottom line is that you can of course purchase winter tires from the dealership, but whether or not that is a good choice depends on the price and the availability of the tires you need at your local dealer. Before you decide to purchase a set of winter tires from the dealer, check your other options such as purchasing Canadian Tire winter tires or some of the other retailers.

Take the time to comparison shop so that you are not only certain you have selected the best winter tires for your car, but also that you are getting the best price for those tires. Include online sources as well as used winter tires in your comparison shopping so you can have a good idea of what other people are paying and what is a fair price for the tires you need.

Before you order tires anywhere, do your research and shop around, and you will have no regrets.

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