How to contest a ticket in court

Schedule a trial

Schedule a trial date for your traffic offense as soon as possible. You have a limited number of days within which you have to inform the court of your intent to fight your traffic ticket so do it as soon as possible

Write down everything

Maintain notes on the day in question - write down everything you remember from the day you received the ticket. This will help you remember everything on the court day, improve your credibility an allow you to compare against the police officers notes

Review your information

Once you receive your court date request the disclosure (evidence prosecutor will use against you) of your case from the prosecutor immediately. It can take 4-6 weeks to receive a copy of the disclosure documents to arrive therefore request them as soon as possible to ensure you have adequate time to review them. While reviewing compare your notes to the officers to ensure you are not missing any important details. If you feel the disclosure is missing important details such as what kind of equipment the officer used etc you can request a copy of the police officers notes.

Decide for plea or trial

After receiving and reviewing all disclosure documents you must now decide whether you will plea or go to trial. If you have plausible evidence you can go for a trial otherwise you have to start preparing for a guilty plea.

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