How to avoid getting traffic tickets

Know traffic rules and restrictions

Make sure you are aware of all your local traffic rules and restrictions. Consult a drivers handbook if you are unsure of what you should know.

Speed limit

Stick to the speed limit. Though it is usually a good rule of thumb to keep pace with the traffic around you also make sure you keep an eye out for speed limit signs to ensure you don't get pulled over.

Left lane

Stay out of the left lane which is supposed to only be used for passing since the majority of people who get pulled over are driving in the left lane.


Keep all mirrors and windows clear to ensure you have full visibility at all times and nothing is obstructing your view.

Avoid attention

Avoid anything that would attract attention to your car such as:

  • Bumper stickers that could potentially attract negative attention
  • Excessive amounts of window tinting (make sure your car is within the legally allowed limit)
  • Radar detectors - if an officer sees one they are more likely to monitor your driving
  • Poorly maintained auto parts such as bare tires, missing hubcaps
  • Vehicle modifications such as extra lights, illegal mufflers, dropper suspensions, blue lights etc
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