BC Learners Test Practice – Rules of the Road Quiz #3

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In this 3rd and last of our free BC learners test practice series covering rules of the road, you'll find multiple questions that address more road rules questions that you are likely to find when you attend the official BC Class 7 learners license test. When completed, this last road signs test, along with the others in the series and the final practice exam, along with a thorough study of the British Columbia driver’s handbook (available here), will leave you with a truly comprehensive understanding of BC`s written knowledge test requirements. You'll have more confidence about getting your BC learners license quickly. We believe that our teaching process is as good or better than any other online learners practice test available.

For the first in our series of road rules tutorials, click here: BC class 7 road rules practice test, and for the second, go here: BC drivers license test. For the road rules practice exam (which covers all 3 rules of the road practice tests) click here: BC learners practice exam.

Additionally, to further educate yourself about the road sign meanings for the BC learners test, visit the following links: BC class 7 road rules practice test (regulatory signs), BC Driver's Knowledge Test (road warning signs) and Online Driving Test BC (temporary, information and direction, and HOV Signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs). The practice exam relating to BC road signs can be accessed here BC learners practice exam. ICanDrive.ca is proud of the educational tools for new drivers that we've developed and truly believe ours is the learners practice test BC deserves.

Use All of Our Free BC Learners Test Practice Study Materials as Much as Needed

As with every examination, it is crucial to study the practice questions carefully and read each individual answer thoroughly before providing an answer (some answers may seem similar at first glance). You will find The questions in all of our BC Learners License practice tests are presented in multiple choice arrangement, just as with the actual Class 7 BC learners test. Study and practice until you consistently get a passing grade on both of our practice exams - then you should be ready for the real BC Learners License exam.

Additional Information about Getting a British Columbia Driver's License

While our primary focus is mostly on learner drivers, even if you're not a learner driver, but instead switching to a BC drivers license from another Canadian Territory or Province, or even another country, we have all the information you need about BC driver licensing. We invite you to visit our BC Driving License section for info on all kinds of driver license issues. For additional information about preparing to get your Class 7 BC Learners License, including eligibility, the cost, test locations, documents required, and other important details, we invite you to visit our BC Class 7 License section which explains BC`s GDL program (Graduated Driver's License program) as it applies to cars and light trucks etc. Good luck! (but you won't really need luck if you practice).

We love to get feedback on our BC learners practice test series - let us know how the real BC learners test goes for you.

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