ICBC Practice Knowledge Test – Traffic & Safety Rules, Exam #2

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The questions in this free rendition of the BC rules of the road ICBC practice knowledge test (or practice exam) are extremely similar to what you can expect to find at the actual BC learners knowledge test. Questions are presented in multiple choice format, and offer four unique potential answers, with only one answer being the correct answer - just like the official knowledge test. Take the time to study each answer provided thoroughly, along with each question itself, so that you can be more certain of providing a correct answer in this road rules practice test series.

While there are no trick questions about road sign meanings, at times, some answers may seem a bit similar at first glance. Road safety rules and regulations questions are derived from the actual BC driving handbook, along with feedback from visitors to about the questions which they actually encountered on their BC Class 7 learners license test. We believe our ICBC practice knowledge test is simply one of the best new driver study tools available online.

Additional ICBC Practice Knowledge Test Sets

For best results, practice our free road rules tests & road signs tests several times each over a period of several days. Let Things Really Sink In. You'll find six online learners license practice tests for beginner BC driver's, three of which go through the road signs, and another three which cover the rules of the road. You'll also find two distinct practice exams for each series.

The British Columbia road rules can be found here: BC Road Rules #1: BC class 7 road rules practice test, BC Road Rules #2: BC drivers license test and BC Road Rules #3: BC learners license test. (The page you are now reading is the road rules practice exam).

For beginning car and light truck drivers wanting to teach themselves about BC road signs, please visit following links: BC class 7 road rules practice test (regulatory signs), BC Driver's Knowledge Test (road warning signs) and Online Driving Test BC (temporary, information and direction, and HOV Signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs). To challenge yourself on your knowledge of BC road signs, visit the BC road & traffic signs practice exam page.

Once you can consistently get through all of the above traffic and safety rules of the road & road signs tests to your satisfaction, and have thoroughly studied the drivers handbook, we're confident you'll have enough driving knowledge to take the real BC Learners License test (Class 7) and likely pass on your very first try. (Which will save you money as each attempt comes with a cost.)

Additional Resources for the Class 7 BC Drivers License Test: Eligibility, Costs and Documents Required Etc.

Additional information for British Columbia`s Class 5 GDL (Graduated Driver's License) program as well as other types of vehicle licenses can be found here: BC Driving License, and for the official BC Class 7 exam in particular, including documents required, eligibility, test locations, the costs involved, etc. etc. can be found on our BC Class 7 License page.

All of the practice tests on are free to use as much as you want, so you can fully master the subject matter. Become more comfortable, more confident and far more likely to pass on your first try. Our free ICBC practice knowledge test sets are a well-established program to assist with getting your full BC drivers license and have worked for many, many people just like you.

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