BC Learners Licence Practice Exam #1 – Traffic Signs, Signals & Meanings

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All questions in this free BC learners licence practice exam are presented in a multiple choice format which closely resembles the real BC Class 7 learners exam. This particular Class 7 British Columbia learners license practice test covers road signs of all kinds, like regulatory road signs, road warning signs, temporary signs, information and direction road signs, as well as HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) signs. Each question offers 4 potential answers. Carefully consider each question and then evaluate all 4 answers just as carefully because some answers may seem similar to others, but only one answer is correct. Don't worry though, just like the real Class 7 BC driving license test, there are no trick questions in this BC learners licence practice exam.

For a review of the three different BC road sign practice tests, please visit the following: BC class 7 road rules practice test (for regulatory signs), BC Driver's Knowledge Test (for road warning signs) and Online Driving Test BC (for temporary, information and direction, and HOV signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs).

This BC learners licence practice exam is a good start, but there's more

This BC learners licence practice exam is one of two practice exams ICanDrive.ca offers, which can really help beginner drivers with the official learners exam. Each practice test builds driving knowledge around a different aspect of what's covered in the British Columbia drivers handbook and will enable you to acquire the maximum amount of knowledge and confidence with a minimum of time and effort.

In addition to the three previously described BC road signs practice tests and practice exam, we offer three different practice tests for BC rules of the road: BC Rules of the road practice test #1: BC class 7 road rules practice test, BC rules of the road practice test #2: BC drivers license test and BC rules of the road practice test #3: BC learners license test. Our BC road rules practice exam (which covers all aspects of the rules of the road) is here: BC learners practice exam.

Once you've completed all 6 of the ICanDrive.ca practice tests, as well as both of the practice exams (all derived from the BC driving handbook and from previous attendees of the BC Class 7 drivers learners test), you'll almost certainly be well-equipped to take the actual BC Class 7 driving knowledge test. Go through these free BC Class 7 learners practice tests as many times as you feel necessary, until you feel well-prepared for the real world Class 7 driving licence test British Columbia requires.

The Class 7 BC Learners Licence Test: Eligibility, Costs and Documents Required etc.

Additional information for the official BC Class 7 exam and British Columbia`s Class 5 GDL (Graduated Driver's License) program, including eligibility, test locations, documents required, the costs, etc. etc. can be found on our BC Class 7 practice test & license info section. Also, see BC driving licenses for info on other kinds of British Columbia driver licensing.

All of the practice tests on ICanDrive.ca are free to use as much as you want, until you've fully mastered the subject matter. These practice tests can even save you money because you'll have to pay again each time you take the actual exam if you fail. Using these practice tests and practice exams will help you become more comfortable, more confident, more ready and far more likely to pass on the first try. Our free driving tests have worked for many, many people and are a great program to assist with getting your full BC drivers license (along with studying the BC driving handbook of course).

Help us improve our BC learners licence practice exam series by leaving your comments below. Thanks, and Good Luck!

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