BC Road Signs Test – Class 7 Road & Traffic Signals Practice Test #1

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This is the first of our free practice BC road signs test examples, designed to prepare you for the BC Class 7 written driving knowledge test. This BC driver's test will focus on road signs, in particular, regulatory road signs as outlined in the BC driving handbook. The questions found on this practice BC road signs test, pertain to a variety of different kinds of road signs found in British Columbia, and are set up so that you can acquire as much driving knowledge in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, we offer additional BC road sign practice tests so that you can practice until you are confident enough to take the official BC learners test. The second road signs test is here BC Driver's Knowledge Test and the third BC road signs practice test is here: Online Driving Test BC. Go through all the road sign practice learners test samples and then you can proceed to the more extensive BC road & traffic signs practice exam which will give you an accurate view of what you can expect for the genuine BC Class 7 learners exam.

The particular questions on this BC Class 7 learners practice test have been extracted from the actual British Columbia drivers handbook, as well as input from previous attendees of the BC Class 7 learners exam, and very closely mirror the kinds of questions you'll find on the actual BC license test.

This BC Class 7 Road Signs Test is Just the Beginning...

ICanDrive.ca offers a half a dozen different BC drivers license practice test examples for aspiring car and light truck drivers, three of which pertain to BC road signs and traffic signals as described above, and three of which tackle road rules. The BC rules of the road practice tests can be found here: BC Road Rules #1: BC class 7 road rules practice test, BC Road Rules #2: BC drivers license test and BC Road Rules #3: BC learners license test. The BC road rules practice exam is here: BC learners practice exam.

As with every exam, it is necessary to study the questions deliberately and consider each individual answer very carefully as some may seem quite similar. You'll find the questions in multiple choice structure, and just like the real BC Class 7 learners exam, there are 4 potential answers for every question. Make sure you fully understand both the question and the potential answers before giving your answer. Our free Class 7 sample exams are a highly effective tool to assist you to acquire the driving knowledge you need to pass the actual Class 7 drivers license examination.

Beyond this BC Road Signs Test Practice - More Info About the BC Learners Test:

For additional information about preparing for the Class 7 BC drivers learners test, including eligibility, the cost, test locations, documents required, etc. etc. we invite you to visit our comprehensive BC Class 7 License section. Our BC driving license page goes into more detail about the various kinds of BC drivers licenses that are available, and links to BC`s Class 5 GDL (Graduated Driver's License program). Don't forget, all of the practice tests on our site are completely free to use as many times as you want and need, and could save you money, because you'll be required to pay each time you have to redo the exam. Become more confident and more ready, and probably pass on your first try with the ICanDrive.ca series of driving practice tests - they have worked for many people, and are a well-established program for BC Class 7 test preparation. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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