About Us

icandrive.ca endeavours to simplify the “learn to drive” experience for drivers of all ages across Canada, helping new drivers better understand and complete the tasks required to obtain a Canadian drivers license, whether for a passenger type vehicle, motorcycle, truck, bus, air brake equipped vehicle or a boat. We seek to complement the provincial and territorial government agencies whose job it is to regulate, test for competency and administer the driver licensing process.  Our mission is to make the driver licensing process easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

Simplifying The Complicated

Because it can sometimes be a bit frustrating for new drivers to find the information they need about exactly what to learn and the steps they need to take to acquire a drivers license, we have broken things down into easy to digest and easy to follow sections for each of the different provinces and territories in Canada. We take information found on each provincial and territory motor vehicle office website and condense and simplify it so folks can find exactly what they need in one convenient place.

Helping You Be Prepared

If we can help drivers be more prepared with the facts, forms and information they need before they get to the provincial or territorial government motor vehicle agencies, we can help reduce wait times, avoid general frustration and improve productivity. By reviewing the provincial and territorial government motor vehicle agencies websites for changes and updating our website to reflect the latest regulations we make the driving license process a more rewarding experience for everyone.

Protecting Your Privacy

icandrive.ca is 100% secure and 100% free to use. If you use one of our services that requires some information from you, you can rest assured that your information is always protected and only used for the purpose it was collected. We partner with thoroughly vetted companies to offer you additional ways to make your driving or vehicle-related tasks more enjoyable, more reliable and more cost effective.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve Canadian drivers. We’ve been at it since 2010, constantly improving and updating our website with user feedback and new insights to better serve a wider range of drivers and driving related needs. We constantly strive to improve safety for all road users and make the driving experience better for everyone involved across the country. When it comes to driving related matters, regardless of where in Canada you live, or what driving related service you need, we can help.

From those just beginning their “learn to drive in Canada” journey, to those long time drivers who come back year after year at insurance renewal time for one of the best insurance comparison systems in Canada, to those who want to find the closest driver licensing office to renew or update their licensing information, to driving schools and other auto related services, we have it all.

Icandrive.ca’s mission is to provide the best information possible about things that matter most to drivers in Canada.