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Although the City of Lloydminster is today known as the ‘Heavy oil Capital of the World', with the Husky Energy Heavy Oil Refinery located within the city and additional heavy oil upgraded facilities nearby, the area actually has deep roots in agriculture, with barley, wheat and canola accounting for more than 30 percent of the regions total acreage sown. As the location of Canada’s largest bio-diesel plant as well as one of the largest canola crushing facilities in the country, it’s clear that both the agricultural and petroleum sectors are the main drivers of the local economy. Prosperity has created a vibrant community with outstanding cultural and recreational activities for residents and visitors alike. Source:, Wikipedia - Lloydminster. has been providing information about what matters most to drivers in Lloydminster since 2012, and we continuously strive to improve the free services we offer. By law, you must carry a certain minimum level of insurance coverage to legally drive anywhere in Alberta on public roads, and when it comes to the purchase of high quality but cheap Lloydminster car insurance coverage, you have three basic ways to find it: You can get quotes through a rate comparison service like the one we provide, or contact and inquire from an insurance company directly, or you can get an insurance broker to assist. We suggest starting with our free Lloydminster insurance quote comparison service. You probably won’t need to investigate further.

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Recognizing that most of the time it's just more convenient to research and purchase Lloydminster insurance through an Internet connected device, we've created an online quote comparison service so you can find the best insurance from wherever you are.

Lloydminster Insurance Companies

There are lots of insurance companies who serve Lloydminster, and to that end, we've compiled a directory which includes as many Lloydminster insurance companies and professionals as possible, so you can explore all your options.

Lloydminster Insurance Brokers

Lloydminster insurance brokers are an important link between insurance consumers and providers. They offer expert advice and can help minimize the costs associated with acquiring the best coverage. They may also be able to assist with claims.

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Find a Lloydminster Insurance Broker or Agent

With regard to Lloydminster Insurance customers who have specialized needs or difficulties getting the insurance that they need, we offer our Lloydminster insurance directory, where you should be able to find an insurance company or insurance broker who can help.

Professional insurance brokers & agents catering to the Lloydminster area are required to know the products they offer intimately, and they would know about various insurance discounts that you would be entitled to.

A local insurance professional may be able to assist with the process of dealing with insurance claims, should they occur.

Lots of insurance companies and their representatives serve the Lloydminster region with an incredible variety of insurance products - protections like:

  • Camper Insurance
  • Homeowner Contents Insurance
  • Professional Liability Coverage
  • Retail Business Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Commercial Insurance Protection
  • Life Assurance
  • Motorbike Insurance Protection
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Farming Insurance Cover
  • Title Insurance
  • P & C Insurance
  • Lenders Title Insurance Protection
  • Student Travel Insurance Plans
  • Water Craft Insurance Coverage
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance Protection
  • Seasonal Auto Insurance strives to be useful to all Lloydminster motorists, and Lloydminster residents in general. One of the ways we do this is by always looking to improve our driver's directory of auto-related services. So, we invite all Lloydminster insurance brokers, agents, insurance companies and other service providers to create a free listing in our Canadian Drivers Directory. Lloydminster motorists may find the Lloydminster Insurance Directory and our Lloydminster Driving Schools Directory of particular interest.

If you live in another territory or province, make use of our "Find an insurance broker" service to find the right insurance broker and the best, cheapest insurance for your needs.

What Can Statistics Tell Us About LIoydmister Insurance?

To make some educated guesses about the kinds of insurance products might be most in-demand by Lloydminster consumers; we looked to the Statistics Canada census data for some clues. With Lloydminster straddling the Saskatchewan/Alberta border, this article focuses on the part of the city that is in the province of Alberta.

Lloydminster Population by Age Group

The Statistics Canada data reveals that Lloydminster had an 8.9 percent growth in population from the previous census in 2011, to the latest census in 2016, growing from 18,032 residents in 2011 to 19,645 residents in 2016. Of the 19,645 inhabitants, 9,760 were male and 9,890 were female. While not a large city, the Lloydminster insurance sector is important, as a significant percent of the population will be consumers of various kinds of extra health insurance coverage, dental insurance plans and various kinds of life insurance policies. Notably, around 10% of the population (2,015 individuals) were recorded as being 65 years of age and over.

Lloydminster Housing and Insurance Products

The Lloydminster real estate market has done reasonably well during the period studied. The total number of private dwellings recorded in 2016 was 8,444 residential units, in a land area of 24.04 square kilometres, with a population density of 817.3 residents per square kilometre. There were 5,500 homeowners and 1,940 home renters in the City of Lloydminster as of 2016, suggesting a fairly significant amount of property to insure. It stands to reason that coverage such as home and condo insurance, home mortgage insurance, title insurance and tenants insurance will be in robust demand well into the future of Lloydminster if the city keeps growing as it has in the past.

Lloydminster Income and Insurance Needs

The average after-tax income of two-or-more-person households in The City of Lloydminster in 2015 was $117,515, and 2,580 residents had an income of $100,000 and more, with 1,040 residents earning $150,000 and over. Many of these high earners are likely professionals such as those in the legal profession, business owners, medical doctors etc. and because of the threat of being sued, they often protect themselves with policies such as errors and omissions insurance, indemnity insurance, commercial general liability insurance, construction liability insurance and various other kinds of liability protections. With the importance of agriculture in the region, the requirement for farm insurance is also likely to be robust.

Commuting to Work and Insurance

The data reveals that for Lloydminster workers, the main way of commuting to work is with a vehicle like a car, small truck or van and that the commuting time for most (6,440 drivers) was less than 15 minutes. 8,385 workers (4,555 males vs. 3,825 females) drove themselves to their place of work and back each day, while only 20 individuals took public transit (really?) and 410 individuals walked to work. With the privately operated auto insurance industry in Alberta, there is significant competition among providers which helps keep Lloydminster car insurance and commercial vehicle prices lower than they might otherwise be. And this factor likely helps to lower Lloydminster motorcycle insurance rates as well.

What to Know about Cheap Lloydminster Car Insurance

While it may not be obvious at first glance, the best insurance companies are not about simply offering the lowest possible quote. Your best Lloydminster insurance quote should also involve an insurance company with great customer service and an excellent reputation for fair and honest dealing with customers. For this reason, it's to your advantage to do a bit of research before purchasing a policy from any particular provider. Look into how complaints and/or disputes if any were/are handled, and take a bit of time to compare insurance offers with care. Taking these factors into account, as well as if you qualify for any Alberta car insurance discounts can make the insurance purchasing process a lot more rewarding. Buying quality, cheap Canadian car insurance just takes a little bit of extra effort.

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Get a Lloydminster Insurance Quote.

A great way to ensure that you are signing up for the best car insurance policy for your needs, is to compare quotes from as many insurance providers as possible and do a tiny bit of additional research. The car insurance calculator is a tool created solely for this purpose. The free calculator is easy to use, and asks only for some basic information to get started, before presenting personalized insurance solutions for your needs. Perhaps you don't have the best driver profile and are in the high-risk insurance group - if so, we can still help you find great coverage through our featured Lloydminster insurance quote comparison service, or through one of the profiled insurance companies, or we can help you find a high risk insurance broker through the Insurance section of our Canada Driver's Directory.

Start a quote

We only ask for the information that is absolutely necessary to present you with the most comprehensive and well priced Lloydminster insurance offers. Once you have a complete list you can then decide which quote, company and level of insurance coverage you are comfortable with.

Compare Insurance Rates

The only way to know that your saving as much money as possible is by comparing as many insurance quotes as you reasonably can. You may be surprised to see how differently priced the same sort of insurance can be from different providers.

Choose the Best Quote

Once you've selected the best potential insurance providers for your needs, you can find additional information through our insurance company profile profiles. Doing a bit of research before you purchase a policy, can be really helpful in the long run.

Is Auto Insurance Coverage Compulsory in Lloydminster?

Like every other Canadian town, city, region etc, Lloydminster requires that drivers carry a minimum level of auto insurance to legally drive on public roads. When reviewing your insurance quotes, keep your budget in mind and make sure you have at least the minimum required coverage. You can then consider additional coverage options to provide greater protection and peace of mind. As a Lloydminster auto insurance consumer, make sure you understand the basic Alberta car insurance laws before purchasing your coverage.

Can Comparing Lloydminster Car Insurance Quotes Be an Effective Way to Lower Your Insurance Rates?

Did you know, it's possible to submit exactly the same information into two or more different insurance quote comparison services, and you'll be practically guaranteed not to find the exact same prices from competing insurance companies? Assuming you've shopped for Lloydminster car insurance in this way before, you’ve probably noticed that the rates you are offered for your distinct driving history, wants and needs etc. tend to be quite different from one provider to another. Sometimes hugely so.

This is because each auto insurer has their own unique philosophy and calculations about to determine a driver's level of expertise and the risk to insure them and their vehicle. This is done by looking at things like a drivers operating history, where the car is kept, traffic tickets and accidents, distance driven etc. and this can result in a wide-ranging disparity with regard to the price quote you get from different insurers. When it comes to Alberta car insurance, thankfully there are numerous competing insurance companies for consumers to choose from, and this means there are excellent opportunities to save. Buying high quality, but cheap Canadian car insurance just takes a bit of extra effort

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