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Although Edmonton is the capital city of the province of Alberta, it is not the largest city in the province, with that honour belonging to Calgary, which is about 290 kilometres to the south. To put things into perspective, Edmonton is the fifth-largest municipality in Canada and the second-largest city in Alberta. This makes Edmonton a very important market for a wide variety of insurance products. Source: Wikipedia - Edmonton.

The Edmonton insurance marketplace is operated by numerous insurance companies, which include enormous as well as smaller sized insurance providers. These insurance companies are committed to supplying top quality insurance products which bring comfort to Edmonton local residents in a variety of ways. To acquire the best coverage, we suggest starting with the quickest and easiest option, which is to compare quotes through our featured Edmonton insurance quote comparison tool, and explore other options as required.

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Working with a free of charge online auto insurance tool has never been faster or simpler. Check it out for yourself and find out what a cheap Edmonton car insurance quote looks like.

Edmonton Insurance Companies

Various insurers provide their best contract for your assessment, and it’s for you to figure out which of them is the "best Edmonton insurance provider" for your insurance needs.

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The professional insurance brokers and agents that serve Edmonton, understand insurance in depth, and deliver valuable benefits to drivers and residents around the region.

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To help Edmonton insurance customers who may have distinct needs or challenges getting the exact type of insurance they desire, we invite you to investigate our Edmonton car insurance company & broker/agent directory, where you can find insurance companies and insurance professionals who serve Edmonton and who may be able to assist you.

Professional local insurance brokers and agents bring with them significant personal support and help for community members, and can often help to expedite the process of insurance claims.

All insurance professionals catering to the Edmonton region, are required to fully understand the different types of coverage you can choose from, and they may know of certain car insurance discounts available in your particular area or for your particular profile. Utilizing an insurance professional is a great way to find the best cheap car insurance quote.

A lot of insurance companies and their representatives serve the Edmonton region with a huge number of insurance products, including things like:

  • Commercial Insurance Cover
  • Small and Medium Size Business Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance Coverage
  • Homeowners Insurance Coverage Plans
  • Professional Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Camper Van Insurance Plans
  • Owners & Lenders Title Insurance Protection
  • Travel Insurance Plans
  • Boating Insurance Coverage
  • Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Car Insurance Protection
  • Classic Car Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance (Term, Accidental Death etc.)
  • Motorbike Insurance Policies
  • Mortgage Insurance Coverage
  • Dog and Cat Insurance Cover
  • Title Insurance
  • P & C Insurance Plans strives, as much as possible, to be useful for all Edmonton drivers, Edmonton insurance consumers and Edmonton inhabitants generally speaking. We are always seeking to extend our driver's directory of auto-related services and want to provide Edmonton residents with as many auto insurance options and auto-related services as possible. We invite all Edmonton insurance companies, agents, Edmonton insurance brokers and other Edmonton service providers to create a free listing in our Canadian Drivers Directory, Edmonton specific Insurance Broker Directory or our Edmonton Driving Schools directory

For those who actually live in another territory or province, and who are seeking the best, cheapest insurance they can find, we invite you to make use of our find an insurance broker near me service to find an appropriate insurance broker for all of your insurance requirements.

What Can Statistics Tell Us About Edmonton Insurance?

We decided to look into the Edmonton metropolitan area census data produced by Statistics Canada, to explore what kinds of insurance products might matter most to Edmonton residents.

Edmonton Population by Age Group

According to Statistics Canada, the population of Edmonton grew a whopping 13.9% from the 1,159,869 inhabitants recorded in the previous 2011 census to 1,321,426 inhabitants in 2016. This 13.9% growth rate exceeded the province of Alberta as a whole, which recorded an increase of 11.6% (also a huge rate of growth as compared to some other areas of Canada). This significant rate of growth in Edmonton’s population is a strong indication that demand for insurance protection such as medical care insurance, dental coverage, life insurance, different kinds of travel insurance and even lesser-known policies like pet insurance will continue to be in high demand for a long time to come.

Edmonton Housing and Insurance Products

With such robust growth in the population and 915,560 residents between the ages of 15 to 64 years old, it can be safely assumed that most services associated with real estate flourished as well, specifically insurance products that relate to real estate probably achieved a similar rate of growth. Home owner's insurance, renter insurance, home mortgage insurance, condominium insurance, property insurance and title insurance are among the most commonly used types of insurance consumed by a growing population. The total private dwellings recorded in Edmonton in 2016 were 537,634 units within a land area of 9,438.86 square kilometres, and a population density per square kilometre of 140.

Edmonton Income and Insurance Needs

The average after-tax income for Edmonton residents in 2015 was $49,500, with men earning substantially more than women ($60,958 versus $38,105). The data also indicated 106,320 males and 36,410 females with individual incomes of $100,000 dollars per year or more, indicating a substantial number of professionals in the workforce. Professionals like lawyers, medical doctors, and a variety of others are frequently involved in lawsuits and legal cases, and as a result, it’s likely that insurance coverage like building construction liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, commercial general liability insurance, indemnity insurance and product liability insurance demands should remain elevated in Edmonton.

Edmonton Commuters and Insurance Products

Given the climate in Edmonton, it’s no surprise that 506,530 residents (284,410 male and 222,120 female) drove themselves to work in a typical passenger type vehicle on a daily basis. Most (258,000 drivers) had a 15 to 29 minutes commute, while for 137,725 drivers, the commute was less than 15 minutes. Only 39,755 drivers had an hour or more of commuting time, and unsurprisingly, the vast majority travelled to their place of work between the hours of 6 am and 9 am. With the privatized auto insurance system in Alberta, there are plenty of insurance companies competing to serve these drivers, and with the strong population growth, car insurance, motorcycle insurance and the commercial auto insurance sector are likely to be robust well into the future.

How Can You Get The Inside Scoop on Cheap Edmonton Car Insurance?

The best insurance company is not simply about the least expensive rate. The best Edmonton vehicle insurance quotes should involve customer service and a great reputation, including consistent fairness with policyholders. Take the time to compare car insurance plans thoroughly. It can help to explore insurance companies' consumer reports and how disputes are handled before you acquire an insurance policy from any specific company. Many folks discuss "best" and "cheap" insurance quotes, and yet there could be considerably more to "cheap" and "best" than just price when it comes to your Canada motor vehicle insurance. Also, check out our section on Alberta insurance discounts.

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Get an Edmonton Insurance Quote.

The only way to ensure that you are putting your signature to the best possible auto insurance policy for your needs and make a well-informed car insurance decision is to compare quotes from as many auto insurance companies servicing the Edmonton community, as possible. The insurance quote comparison tool at aims to be the link between unique Edmonton motorists and the best customized auto insurance quotes in the marketplace. Even if you don't have the best driver profile and are in the high-risk insurance demographic we can still help you find good Edmonton insurance coverage through our featured insurance quoter,  through one of the Edmonton insurance companies or the insurance section of our Driver's Directory.

Start a quote

We only ask for the information that is absolutely necessary to present you with the most comprehensive and well priced Edmonton insurance offers. Once you have a complete list you can then decide which quote, company and level of Edmonton insurance coverage you are comfortable with.

Compare Insurance Rates

You'll find a considerable number of insurance providers that you can choose from. Non-public insurance typically means high levels of competition, and competition means Edmonton insurance companies have to work hard to earn your business.

Choose the Best Quote

It's advisable to pay attention to Edmonton car insurance quotes comparison websites, especially before insurance renewal dates and really research the company with the best quote before you sign on to an insurance policy.

Is Auto Insurance Coverage Compulsory in Edmonton?

Edmonton like every other Alberta city is by law required to ensure all its drivers carry a minimum level of car insurance. Keeping in mind this minimum compulsory Edmonton insurance coverage you still have lots of options from insurance companies in Edmonton. When reviewing an insurance quote, an Edmonton insurance company will keep your budget in mind, ensure you have at least the adequate minimum coverage and will present additional coverage options to provide greater peace of mind. As a Edmonton insurance consumer it's also your responsibility to understand the basic car car insurance laws in Alberta prior to purchasing insurance.

Can Comparing Edmonton Car Insurance Quotes Be an Effective Way to Lower Your Insurance Rates?

Are you aware that you are able to key in the same information into two or more quote comparing websites, and you are just about assured never to attain the same rate from each insurance company? Assuming you’ve previously shopped for Edmonton auto insurance, you’ve most probably recognized that depending upon the website where you compare plans, the rates you get for your distinct personal driver record, location, personal needs etc. are radically different.  For people residing in Alberta, we have a significant amount of insurers and most are battling to entice Edmonton drivers to sign on to auto insurance coverage from their particular insurance company.

Every individual motor vehicle insurance company will have their very own calculations about how they will analyze a motorists characteristics, driver's history & location, which in turn automatically creates a broad disparity regarding the car insurance rates you are going to be shown via each distinct insurance provider. By using an auto insurance quote comparison service you allow yourself visibility to that wide range of auto insurance quotes and don't have to spend countless hours approaching each insurance company individually. We essentially shop for you, compile a comprehensive list of the best Edmonton auto insurance quotes and then let you decide on which one to pick.

Try it now. Compare Cheap Edmonton Car Insurance Quotes. See for yourself.

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