Alberta Driver’s License Practice Test – Road Signs, Practice Exam #1

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All of the questions within this Alberta driver's license practice test (road & traffic signs practice exam) are in a multiple choice framework, which closely emulates the real Alberta Class 7 driving licence exam. This free Alberta driver's license practice test covers regulatory road signs, road warning signs, temporary, information and direction road signs, as well as HOV Signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs). Each question offers 4 potential answers. Consider each question carefully and then consider all 4 answers just as carefully, as some answers may seem similar but only one is correct. Choose the best appropriate answer, and don't worry, there are no trick questions in this practice test, just like the real Class 7 Alberta driving license test.

If you would like a refresh on all of the different Alberta road and traffic safety signs, please visit the following: Alberta traffic signs (regulatory signs), Alberta driving knowledge test (road warning signs) and Alberta driving test online (temporary, information and direction, and HOV Signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs).

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This type of practice exam is one of two practice exams offers to help driving students with the official Alberta Class 7 Exam. Each test addresses a different aspect of the Alberta learners exam and will enable you to acquire the maximum amount of knowledge & confidence as it relates to getting your Alberta learner's permit license. In addition to the three previously described road signs practice tests, we offer three different practice tests for Alberta rules of the road. Test #1: Alberta class 7 road rules practice test, Test #2: Alberta drivers license test and Test #3: Alberta learners license test. The road rules practice exam is here: Alberta learners practice exam.

Once you've completed all 6 of the Alberta driver's license practice test series, as well as the 2 practice exams (which are drawn from all elements of the Alberta drivers handbook), you'll almost certainly have significant confidence in the subject material, and be well-equipped to take the actual Alberta Class 7 driving knowledge test. Run through these free Alberta Class 7 Learners practice tests as many times as possible, so that you'll be excellently prepared with regard to the real world driving licence test Alberta requires.

Alberta Class 7 Drivers License Test: Eligibility, Costs, Requirements and More...

Additional information for the Alberta Class 7 exam, including eligibility, test locations, documents required, the cost, etc. etc. can be found on our Alberta Class 7 License page. For more info about Alberta driving licenses in general, please visit Alberta drivers licenses. All of the practice tests on are free to use as many times as you need to fully master the subject matter, or as a quick refresher before attending the official Alberta Class 7 test. These practice tests can save you money because you'll have to pay again each time you take the actual exam. Become more comfortable and confident, more ready, and far more likely to pass on the first try. Our free driving tests have worked for many people and it is a well-established program for Class 7 test preparation. Let us know how it goes for you.

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