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To get a motorcycle license in the Yukon, you will need to pass through several stages of a graduated licensing program. You will be asked to prove your knowledge and your skill on a motorcycle in order to graduate to a full license in this program.

1. Pass the Written Knowledge Test

The written test is the first stage of testing to get a motorcycle license. In order to pass this test and get a Class 6 Learner license, you will need to correctly answer a set of questions regarding the rules of the road and road signs as they apply to motorcycles. Prepare for this test my studying the Yukon motorcycle handbook and testing your knowledge on the Icandrive.ca practice tests.

2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

A motorcycle safety training course is the best possible way to improve your skills and prepare for the road test you will need to pass. Motorcycle training teaches valuable safety techniques and ensures you are the best rider you can be, for your safety and that of others. Icandrive,ca can help you to find a motorcycle training school near you.

3. Take the Motorcycle Road Test

After 30 days with a learner's license, you can take the road test to advance to the Class 6 Novice license. This test will ask you to prove your skill on a motorcycle to ensure you are ready to ride freely on the roads. You can schedule this test at any Yukon Driver Licensing location. You must hold your Class 6 Novice license for at least 18 months without tickets or accidents and follow a set of restrictions during this time. After 18 months, you will graduate to a full Class 6 license.

4. Get Insured

All licensed motorcycle riders in the Yukon are required to carry a minimum amount of motorcycle insurance. Icandrive.ca can help you get insurance quotes and get the coverage you need to ride legally.

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