Driver's Licensing Office - 128 High Street , Sutton



Services offered by Driver's Licensing Office - 128 High Street , Sutton:

  • Apply for Accessible Parking Permit
  • Change Information on an Accessible Parking Permit
  • Renew Accessible Parking Permit
  • Replace Accessible Parking Permit
  • Commercial vehicle operator records
  • Driver's Records
  • Motorized Snow Vehicle Record
  • Motor Vehicle Record/Abstract
  • Off-Road Vehicle Record
  • Vehicle Abstracts (Uncertified)
  • Change Address on a Driver's Licence
  • Change Name on a Driver's Licence
  • Digital Photo Driver's Licence
  • Driver's Licence Reinstatement
  • Driver Abstract (Uncertified)
  • Driving Instructor Licence Renewal
  • Driving Instructor Licence Replacement
  • Renew Driver's Licence
  • Replace Driver's Licence
  • Replace Driver's Licence while out of Province
  • Temporary Driver's Licence
  • Change Information on your Enhanced Driver's Licence
  • Downgrade an Enhanced Driver's Licence to a Regular Driver's Licence
  • Replace snow vehicle permit
  • Snow vehicle permit
  • Snow vehicle validation sticker
  • Off-road vehicle licence plate
  • Off-road vehicle permit
  • Replace off-road vehicle licence plate
  • Replace off-road vehicle permit
  • Display number plates
  • Used Vehicle Information Packages
  • Change classification on a vehicle permit
  • Change the address on a vehicle permit
  • Change the name on a vehicle permit
  • Change the status of a vehicle permit
  • Dealer/Service licence plates
  • French Slogan Ontario Licence Plate Purchase
  • License Plate Renewal
  • Licence plate with graphic
  • Personalized licence plate
  • Register a vehicle
  • Replace a licence plate sticker
  • Replace a vehicle permit
  • Replace licence plate(s)
  • Replace personalized licence plates
  • Temporary Vehicle Registration
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