Saskatchewan Motorcycle Driver License - Saskatchewan License Process, License Office and Driving License Renewal resources

Saskatchewan uses a graduated licensing system to train and license motorcycle riders. You'll need to start with a learner's permit and then work your way through the stages and tests in order to obtain a full M license.

1. Pass the Written Knowledge Test

To get your learner's permit for a motorcycle license, you will first have to pass a written knowledge test based on the information found in the Saskatchewan motorcycle handbook. This handbook includes the rules of the road as well as traffic signs in Saskatchewan that you will have to demonstrate your understanding of in order to pass. Practice tests on can help you to be prepared for the real test by mirroring the types of questions you can expect to see on the test.

2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Proper training can make you a much better rider and keep you safe on the road. Saskatchewan strongly recommends that anyone looking to get a motorcycle license take an approved training and safety course as part of the process. can help you to find an approved riding school in your area.

3. Take the Motorcycle Road Test

After you have held your motorcycle learner's permit for at least one year, you can take the road test for your Novice motorcycle license. When you pass this test you will receive the Novice 1 level license. You'll be expected to ride safely under a set of restrictions for another 12 months before you will be upgraded to Novice 2 and reduced restrictions. After 12 more months spent at the Novice 2 level, you will be upgraded to a full motorcycle license without any restrictions. During each of these time periods, you will need to keep a clean driving record.

4. Get Insured

Saskatchewan's public insurance program insures motorcyclists as well as drivers. By law, you will have to get a new insurance policy to go with that license for your motorcycle; make sure you get the coverage you need right away.

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