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Prince Edward Island uses a multi-stage graduated licensing program for getting your motorcycle license. You will need to pass a written and road test, and take some motorcycle training in order to move through the program and get your full Class 6 motorcycle license. While there are four stages to the program, there is only one road test.

1. Pass the Written Knowledge Test

The first stage is to pass your written test. The questions will be based on the motorcycle handbook and will cover the rules of the road and traffic signs in P.E.I. Once you pass this test you will earn a learners permit and can start preparing for the road test. You can get ready to take the test by taking the practice tests on

2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Prince Edward Island requires you to take a mandatory 5-hour motorcycle training course as a minimum for obtaining your license. Longer, more involved courses are available to help you become a better rider and pass your road test more easily on the first attempt. can help you to find an approved motorcycle training school near you.

3. Take the Motorcycle Road Test

After one year with a learners (Stage 1) license, you can take the road test to upgrade to the Stage 2 license, which has fewer restrictions. This test will require you to prove your skills on the motorcycle. Once passed, you will not have to take another road test, but will be upgraded to the Stage 3 license after 12 months. After another 12 months, you will receive your full Class 6 motorcycle license. In order to proceed through these stages successfully, you must have a clean driving record throughout all stages. Schedule your road test at the P.E.I. Driver Licensing office nearest you.

4. Get Insured

All licensed motorcycle riders are required to carry a certain level of insurance, just like in a car. can help you to get insurance quotes and get yourself as well as your bike covered properly.

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