Renew your drivers License - Ontario

It is important to renew your Ontario drivers license as soon as your receive notice that it has an upcoming expiry date or as proactively prior to expiry as possible. Ontario driver licenses typically are valid for 5 years.You can renew your license online or through an Ontario service center driver license office.

Online Renewal of an Ontario Drivers License Restrictions

You can renew your license online only if:

  • You have a full Ontario license (G,D,M) which has not been cancelled/suspended/expired for more than 12 months.
  • You have a combination class of G1M, G2M, GM1, GM2, DM1 or DM2 (only the full portion will be renewed online).
  • You have not moved/changed your address in the last 90 days.
  • You do not need to write any vision, written or road tests.
  • You are not removing a vision condition.
  • You have no new medical conditionals that could interfere with your ability drive.
  • You have no outstanding fees associated with your license.

Online Renewal of an Ontario Drivers License Documentation Requirements

If you meet the above indicated online renewal criteria you will need the following documentation to complete the online application:

  1. Your current drivers license number.
  2. The 7-digit trillium number found on your driver’s licence (e.g., *1234567*).
  3. Your current postal code.

Online Renewal - Key Reminders.

  • If you renew within 28 days of expiry up to 1 year after expiry: save and print your temporary driver’s licence at the end of your transaction to carry with your photo license until you receive your new license in the mail.
  • If you renew more than 28 day before expiry: you will get a renewal confirmation at the end of your transaction. Print and save it as proof of renewal until your new driver’s licence arrives in the mail

Cost of License Renewal.

  • The cost to renew your license is $80.
  • If using the online renewal option you can pay via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Interac® Online.

Arrival of New License

Your new drivers license will arrive approximately in 4-6 weeks in the mail.

In Person Renewal of an Ontario Drivers License Documentation Requirements

If you decide to renew your Ontario Drivers License in person at an Ontario Service Center you will need to take along the following documentation in addition to the $80 fee:

  1. An original personal identification document showing your name, date of birth and signature ex. a passport or citizenship card
  2. Your renewal notice
Once you have put together the above documentation required use the below list to find an Ontario Service Center Driver License office close to you:

Choose a city:

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