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You can get your Ontario motorcycle license by following the steps of the graduated licensing system that is similar to that for getting a passenger vehicle license. You'll need to pass a few tests, both written and on the road, and put in some time practicing and learning to ride.

1. Pass the Written Knowledge Test

The first step towards getting your Ontario motorcycle license is to get a copy of the motorcycle handbook and study for the written knowledge test. This will test your knowledge of the rules of the road as they apply to motorcycles and in general, as well as of road signs. Taking practice tests on Icandrive.ca can prepare you for the written test and make it more likely you'll pass on the first attempt. Passing this test grants you an M1 learner's permit.

2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Taking a motorcycle safety course is essential to becoming a good, safe rider and improving your skills on your motorcycle. It can also help you to get your full M license in a shorter period of time, reducing the waiting period between your first and second road tests from 22 months to 18 months. Icandrive.ca can help you find an approved motorcycle course.

3. Take the M1 Road Test

The M1 road test will test your basic skills on a motorcycle and prove your ability to handle a bike on the road. You can schedule this test at any DriveTest location after meeting the 60 day requirement with your M1 license. Once passed, you will be able to start riding under a set of restrictions and hold an M2 license/

4. Take the M2 Road Test

After you meet the time period requirements – which are shorter if you take an approved motorcycle safety course – you can take the advanced M2 road test. Once you pass this final test and prove your riding skills, you'll get a full M license and be free of restrictions.

5. Get Insured

Like cars, motorcycles require insurance to be on the road legally. As a licensed rider, you need to get the right coverage. Icandrive.ca can help you to get insurance quotes and get going.

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