License Plate Renewal Ontario

Every vehicle on Ontario roads must display a valid, non-expired license plate sticker at all times. Drivers in Ontario have the option to either renew online leading up from 180 days before expiry to the day of expiry or at a Service Ontario location once the sticker has expired. All vehicles other than passenger vehicles can only renew license plate stickers at a Service Ontario location.

Terms of Renewal

Passenger vehicles in Ontario have the option to renew license plate stickers for a term of 1 or 2 years.

Cost of Renewal

  • The 1 year term cost of renewal for passenger vehicles is:
    • Southern Ontario $90.00
    • Northern Ontario $45.00
  • Any outstanding fees on your vehicle will also be added to the total

Documentation Required

Regardless of an online or in person renewal application the following documentation is required to renew an Ontario license plate sticker:

  • License plate number
  • Additional documentation that could be requested:
    • Vehicle inspection certification number
    • Drive Clear 6-character security code
    • Insurance providers name
    • Insurance policy number
    • Odometer reading


You must print your receipt at the end of the transaction (online renewal) or hold on to the provided receipt (in person renewal) and this will act as proof of renewal until your new sticker arrives in the mail in 5 business days.

Online Renewal

  • Typically the online renewal process takes approximately 15 minutes
  • All fees can be paid via VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Interact Online

In person renewal

Should you choose to renew you license plate sticker in person at a Service Ontario center make sure you compile all the indicated documentation and then use the below Ontario city list to find an Ontario Service Center close to you.

Choose a city:

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