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Ontario road signs

Road Signs Quizzes

Number of Questions: 107
Description: The below quiz sets will help you learn and test your knowledge of road signs. Keep in mind you are required to correctly answer at least 16 out of 20 questions on the actual written test.
Ontario road rules

Road Rules Quizzes

Number of Questions: 65
Description: The below quiz sets will help you learn and test your knowledge of road rules. You are required to correctly answer at least 16 out of 20 questions on the actual written test.

The Ontario G1 Written Test

The first step towards getting your Ontario driver's license is passing the Ontario G1 exam. The G1 test is a written test of your knowledge of Ontario road signs and rules. There is no G1 road test; the G1 tests are comprised of two multiple choice written exams each featuring 20 G1 exam questions. One covers Ontario road signs, and the other covers Ontario road rules.

In order to pass the G1 exam you must answer 16 out of 20 questions correctly on each of the two tests. Should you fail one or both, you may go back and re-take it for a fee. After 12 months with a G1 license, or 8 months if you attend an Ontario driving school, you can take the G2 road test. In another 12 months you will be eligible for a full G Ontario driving license.

The G1 driving test Ontario 2012 drivers are required to take is often failed the first time without the proper preparation. The test is designed to be somewhat difficult to ensure that every drivers license Ontario gives out is handed to a safe driver who has taken the time to learn the rules of the road. Through the drivers test Ontario ensures safer roads. Preparation for the drive test is the key to success.

Where to Take the G1 Test

G1 Ontario license testing is done in Ontario DriveTest Centres, a privately owned company that handles all Ontario driver testing.

The subsequent road test as well as the written test can be taken in the location nearest you. Remember that you will not take your Ontario road test until you have passed the written test and held your G1 license for the required time period.

Your G1 or G2 will expire five years after you received your original G1 license therefore it is important to earn a full G license within those five years to avoid having to re-take the G1 test. After you have completed the graduated licensing system, you will simply have to renew your drivers license every five years as per Ontario law.

How the G1 Practice Tests on icandrive.ca Work

The G1 practice test options available on icandrive.ca allow you to prepare for both parts of the real G1 test. These tests imitate the format of the G1 drivers test with a series of questions designed to help you with G1 preparation. There are three sample practice road signs tests and three practice road rules tests to provide a series of G1 questions. Once you have mastered the sample driving test questions, there are two G1 practice exams to further test your knowledge. These two tests combine the various questions from both areas of study.

You start with the first sample set of test questions and move through the G1 Ontario practice test 2012 questions in order, increasing your knowledge as you go. Complete the road rules and the G1 practice test road signs question sets in full, and then move on to the two practice exams.

With our G1 online test Ontario drivers can work through several series of questions and complete the exams ready to move on to the actual test. By the time you reach the final practice exam, you will be highly prepared for the real G1 test.

What Does it Cost?

These are completely free G1 practice tests designed to help young drivers and new drivers of any age prepare for the Ontario drivers test. This G1 Ontario practice test set costs absolutely nothing and provides a chance to practice for the real driving theory test before you take it. Preparing for the G1 test online can save you money by helping you pass the real G1 driving test the first time.

How Close to the Real Test Are the Practice Tests?

These free Ontario G1 practice tests provide G1 practice test questions that are just like the ones on the real Ontario G1 test. They are designed to assist those taking the G1 test in 2012 to prepare with a realistic set of driving practice tests that match the current driving test Ontario drivers must pass.

While there is no way to be certain which questions will appear on your actual G test, the G1 practice test questions are remarkably similar to those that appear on the Ontario drivers license test. Our Ontario G1 test preparation 2012 questions are carefully created to mirror what you can expect to see on the Ontario driving test.

The G1 practice test Ontario question sets are incredibly close to the real thing; for an online drivers test Ontario license seekers can count on we have aimed to create a test that is as realistic as possible.

How the Questions are Chosen.

To create our G1 online practice tests, 2012 specific questions are chosen from two main sources. The Ontario G1 handbook is a major source of the sample G1 test questions. We also use G1 test questions provided by visitors to our site in order to provide the most comprehensive G1 practice test online.

We choose questions for G1 road signs practice tests as well as G1 road rules practice tests to cover all of the types of questions you are likely to see on your driving test. Our Ontario G1 practice test 2012 questions are derived from the best sources and carefully checked to make sure we provide an online G1 practice test 2012 drivers can count on to prepare them for G1 testing.

These practice G1 test Ontario 2012 questions are accurate and worded to match the format you will see on the real test.

Effective Studying for the G1 Test

The best way to study for the Ontario G1 test is to carefully read and review the information in the driver's handbook and to use an online G1 test.

A practice G1 test allows you to check your knowledge in a realistic way. Many drivers find an online G1 test to be the most effective way to study and prepare for the real thing. Preparing for the Ontario driving test online allows you to have an interactive form of study that provides driving test tips and the most updated G1 test 2012 questions.

The Best G1 Test Practice Option

An Ontario online driving test is the best possible way to practice for the G1 test. By taking the G1 test online Ontario drivers can experience the types of questions they can expect and be well prepared to answer them. The G1 online test 2012 questions are the most accurate and similar to the real thing and allow new drivers to prepare for and know what to expect in a true test environment.

For young drivers practice test samples are the best way to prepare for the real G1 test. Using a learners permit practice test can remove some of the test anxiety by allowing you to feel confident and giving you the experience of taking a test. The G1 online practice test sets on icandrive.ca provide an accurate and truly useful method of practicing for the G1 test Ontario law requires you to pass.

Are These Tests Effective?

Our free online G1 practice test samples are a highly effective means of preparing to test for the Ontario driver license. These tests are among the best G1 online practice test Ontario's new drivers can use to prepare for the real thing. Our G1 practice test Ontario 2012 sample questions are effective at not only preparing to answer the questions correctly, but also to handle the format of the test itself.

A free G1 test improves the likelihood that you will pass your G1 test the first time you go in. When you go in to the drive test Ontario location and take the real test, the experience of having taken a learners practice test can be the deciding factor in whether or not you will pass. Using a G1 practice test young drivers are much more prepared for the real test.

An Ontario G1 practice test is a highly effective way of preparing yourself to take and pass your real G1 written exam. The use of practice G1 tests has been repeatedly proven to be useful and effective, especially compared to studying alone. And at no cost to you, there is nothing to lose.