Rules of the Road: G1 Practice Test Set One

In this first set of G1 practice test questions you will start with the rules of the road. The real G1 test will be divided into two sections; a test on Ontario road rules and a test on road signs. This first test starts with the road rules section of the Ontario G1 exam. These are questions you can expect to see on your actual Ontario G1 test.

Items covered in this first G1 road rules practice test will cover a variety of material that can be found in the Ontario G1 handbook. We have designed several sample G1 practice tests in order to cover more material and present you with more possible questions to prepare for the real G1 test as thoroughly as possible.

This test is the first step in our series of free G1 practice tests designed to closely recreate the actual G1 test you can expect to see when you go in to get your G1 licence. They are the most effective G1 preparation tests available and after going through the entire series of exams you will be well prepared to take and pass your G1 exam the first time.

Practice test set one covers such questions in the G1 handbook as traffic signals, traffic flow rules such as when and where you can make a U-turn, standard speed limits and other rules of the road including use of handheld devices. The questions come from multiple areas of the handbook in order to imitate the real driving theory test. The real test will include questions taken from all over the handbook, so it's vital that you have covered all of the areas of the Ontario road rules and not focus solely on any particular section.

The G1 road rules practice tests imitate the format of the actual test. When you go in to take your Ontario drivers test, you will face 20 multiple choice questions. In order to pass you must answer at least 16 of these correctly. This sample G1 test will follow a similar format. You will be given a question taken from the G1 handbook and be give four possible answers to that question. As with the real G1 exam questions, it's important to take your time and read the question thoroughly, and read all of the possible answers thoroughly as well. One of the most useful driving test tips is to always be sure you have read every answer before you select one. This G1 test practice allows you to see how some answers may seem very similar, and quickly answering without reading them completely through could lead to a mistake.

An online G1 practice test provides the most realistic imitation of the actual G1 test. While there's no way to know which questions you will actually see when you go to take your real driving theory test, you can be very prepared by having answered a variety of questions that have been selected to represent the common G1 exam questions that others have seen on their tests in the past. This set of G1 practice test questions and those in the following tests are created with knowledge of the real G1 test to give you the most accurate possible look at what you can expect.

While it will cost you to re-take the G1 exam if you fail, it costs nothing to use this free G1 test in order to prepare yourself. The more time you spend studying and with sample G1 testing, the more likely you are to pass on your first try. Free G1 practice tests are the simple and effective way to be as prepared as you possible can when you go in to take the Ontario G1 exam.

Start with this first set of questions. Take your time and go back through them again if you need to. This Ontario road rules practice test will help you to see what areas you need to give further study to before you take the real G1 test. When you have mastered the first set of questions, move on to the next set to add to your knowledge and preparation.