Driver License Address Change - Ontario

It is important to change the address information on your Ontario drivers license as soon after you move as possible to ensure you always have a current and updated key identification card. You can change the license address information online which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete or through a ministry approved Ontario drivers license office.

Documentation Required

When changing an Ontario driver license address you must also update your Ontario health card information. Before applying for an address change make sure you have:

  1. Your new mailing or residential address available. This will help make the process faster.
  2. Your health card number and version code. If you have a red and white health card you also need the postal code on file. If you have a photo health card you will need the Canadian citizenship or immigration document number you used when applying for your prior health card.
  3. Your driver license or registrant identification number.
  4. The issue date on your drivers license.


It is free to change your address information.

Arrival of new license

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks to receive your new license in the mail.

Finding a Service Ontario location near you

If you would prefer to visit an Ontario Service Center in person to change your driver license address information make sure you put together the above identified list of documentation before hand. You can than use the below Ontario city list to to find an Ontario drivers license office close to you.

Choose a city:

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