Immigrating to Nunavut: How to Get Your Nunavut Driver's Licence

Published on Jul 09, 2012

Immigrants planning to live in Nunavut will find it among the simplest of Canada’s provinces and territories in which to obtain a licence. Nunavut requires that everyone seeking a license provide documents proving their identity and their right to be in Canada and hold a licence to drive in Nunavut. The licensing process here is simpler than in the rest of the provinces and territories, as there is no graduated licensing program.

Getting a Nunavut Drivers Licence

In order to obtain your licence as an immigrant in Nunavut, you will need to fill out the application form and pay the fee. You will also need to present the correct documents that prove you who are, how old you are, where you come from, your legal status in Canada and of course the fact that you are a resident of Nunavut.

The documents required include:

  • Identification that includes your date of birth and meets the requirements
  • Proof of your status in Canada such as a Permanent Resident card or other immigration documents
  • Proof that you have taken up residence in Nunavut, such as a rental agreement or a utility bill

Immigrants from other nations will have to present further information as well, which includes proof of where you are from and your driving experience in that country. Be prepared to produce:

  • Your existing drivers licence
  • A translated copy of your licence in English or French, or an International Drivers Licence
  • Any other requested proof of your driving experience such as a letter of experience

The application process may include a requirement to take a written test or a road test in order to prove your understanding of the rules of the road in Canada and specifically in Nunavut. These tests are the same as those that would be undertaken by new drivers.

The Licensing System in Nunavut

Nunavut differs from the rest of Canada’s provinces and territories in that it does not use a graduated licencing system. There are only two steps to obtaining your licence here. First, you take a written test for a learner’s permit, which is the class 7 licence. Unlike in graduated licensing programs, you can then take the road test and immediately obtain a Class 5 full licence.

There is no waiting period or probationary period once you have passed the Class 5 licence test. This means that even an immigrant who is required to go through the full process can proceed to a full driver’s licence as soon as they are able to pass both the written and the road test.

Fees are required to take the tests and obtain a licence, as well as a fee to get the licence itself. You will be required to pay for the tests each time you take them, so it’s best to study the driver handbook carefully and be prepared.

You can take a driving theory test online as a practice test in order to prepare for the written test portion. Once you have a learners permit in Nunavut you can hold it for 12 months while you prepare for the road test.

Car Insurance in Nunavut

Car insurance is required by law in Nunavut, and every driver must have it when on the road. You must purchase a car insurance policy that meets the legal minimums before you take your car out. Your drivers licence is just one piece of the legal requirements for driving.

In Canada, some provinces offer a public insurance system while others use a private insurance system. Car insurance in Nunavut is provided by private insurance companies who compete for your business. This means that you can obtain a number of quotes from car insurance companies and compare them to choose the best rate and coverage for you.

One of the ways in which a car insurance company determines your rates is by the length of time you have held a licence and whether you have had any claims in that time. Immigrants are sometimes treated as new drivers by insurance companies because their licence here is new. In order to prove your experience, you can request a letter of experience from your insurance company in your home country. Also present a drivers abstract that will prove how long you have been driving. These items can make it possible for you to get better rates.

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