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In order to get your motorcycle license in Nova Scotia you will have to prove both your knowledge and understanding of motorcycle rules of the road as well as your ability to safely ride. The stages of Nova Scotia's motorcycle licensing program are designed to ensure all riders are safe and sufficiently skilled.

1. Pass the Written Knowledge Test and Balance Test

You will start on the path to a full motorcycle license with a learner's permit, which can be obtained by pass a written knowledge test based on the motorcycle handbook. Studying the rules of the road and road signs will help you prepare, and you can test your knowledge before the actual test by using the practice tests on In addition to passing the written test, you will also have to pass a motorcycle balance test in order to get the learner's license.

2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Motorcycle safety training courses are designed to improve your skills on your motorcycle and prepare you for the road test you will need to pass in order to obtain a full license. In Nova Scotia, taking an approve motorcycle course can also make the licensing process go faster; you can reduce your time on the learner's permit by 3 months by passing a training course. Find an approved motorcycle school on

3. Take the Motorcycle Road Test

After a minimum of 6 months with a learners, or only 3 months if you have passed an approved motorcycle training course, you can take the road test to get your Class 6N license, which is a novice level license with accompanying restrictions. You can schedule this test at any Nova Scotia Driver Licensing location.

4. Pass a Motorcycle Improvement Course

After 24 months with the novice motorcycle license, you are eligible for the full Class 6 license. Before it will be issued, you must pass a motorcycle improvement course that has been approved by the government. Once you have done this you will receive your full license.

5. Get Insured

As a licensed motorcyclist in Nova Scotia, you are required to carry the appropriate level of motorcycle insurance. can help you get motorcycle insurance quotes so you can get the coverage you need.

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