Nova Scotia Class 7 Practice Test Road Signs Set One - Regulatory Signs

The first of the three Class 7 road signs practice tests focuses on regulatory signs. This test will require you to look at a road sign and then select its meaning from a list of four possible provided options. Each image will show one road sign that is regulatory in nature: that means that it controls the flow of traffic and the way vehicles make their way through the streets.

Regulatory signs are those that help drivers to be aware of where they can drive, what restrictions are placed on their movements, and how to safely proceed. They also include signs that regulate parking and the use of other types of transportation both motorized and non-motorized, which allows drivers to be aware of their presence. These are signs you must know in order to pass your Nova Scotia Class 7 test. Regulatory signs are only one of the classes of road signs that will appear on the Class 7 exam.

Taking a Class 7 practice test online allows you to see all of the road signs displayed in a manner similar to what you can expect on the real Class 7 test. When you take the real driving theory test, you will be given Class 7 exam questions that are much like what appear in this sample Class 7 test. The tests are multiple choice; you will have to select the option that most closely describes the corresponding road sign in the question. Take your time and remember that sometimes road signs can look alike or have similar meanings. The Class 7 road signs practice test is designed to mimic the Nova Scotia road signs portion of the Class 7 exam.

Your Class 7 driving test is made up of two sets of exams. The first will quiz you on the Nova Scotia rules of the road that you need to know in order to navigate the roads safely and follow all of the laws that govern traffic flow on Nova Scotia's streets. The second test is the test on Nova Scotia road signs which will ensure you are aware of what all of the various signs you see mean. Each of the sections of the Nova Scotia drivers test contains 20 questions, and you will need to answer 16 of them correctly in order to pass.

Our Class 7 road signs practice test is designed to mimic the real Class 7 test that you will encounter when you go in to get your Nova Scotia drivers licence. This test has been set up using the same multiple choice format. Using our free Class 7 practice tests your Class 7 preparation will be much more efficient and effective. These tests allow you to see how the questions will be presented and experience realistic Class 7 exam questions that are just like the ones you will see on the real Class 7 test.

The questions on this practice practice Class 7 test are taken from the road signs listed in the Nova Scotia Class 7 handbook as well as from the experience of visitors to our site who can confirm what actually appears on the Class 7 exam. Because there are three different areas of Class 7 road signs practice tests, it's important to go through all three of them to make sure you have covered all of the possible areas. You can use this test as many times as you need to in order to fill the gaps in your knowledge and focus in on any areas you may need to review in greater detail. Go through the questions as many times as you need until you have a good grasp on the road signs presented here.

Taking an Nova Scotia Class 7 practice test before you attempt the real Class 7 test can save you time and money; you will be more likely to pass the exam the first time with the experience of taking a practice test behind you. It has worked for many others and is a solid and effective way of studying for the Nova Scotia Class 7 exam. This free online Class 7 practice test can be used as a tool to assist in your studying as well as a preparation right before you go in to take the Class 7 exam to refresh your memory.

Start with this regulatory road signs practice set, and then move on to the Road Warning Signs Quiz set.