Vehicle Emission Test Centres – Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories Drive Clean program recognizes that the emission technologies in all cars can overtime become less efficient and release harmful levels of toxins in to the environment. In order to reduce the pollution impact of vehicles on the road depending on the age of the car the ministry may require you to take your vehicle to an emission center to receive an emission certificate indicating the maximum allowed emission levels are not being exceeded.

How to get your vehicle ready for the emission test

  • Most vehicles made in Canada after 1998 have an inbuilt computer board that records emission information which is used by emission test centers to complete the test
  • The emission test technicians may not be able to retrieve data from the computer board on your vehicle if one of the following actions has occurred and you will receive a "not ready" result
    • Your vehicle was serviced and the battery was disconnected
    • The battery was replaced
    • The battery was drained, by leaving the headlights on, etc.
    • The computer codes were cleared or reset to turn off the "check engine" light (if you had repairs done to your vehicle recently)
  • In the event you receive a “not ready” result you will need to take your vehicle through a drive cycle which is essentially 1-2 days of city and highway driving and should help reset the computer board
  • In the event your check engine light is on your vehicle will also not pass the emission test so make sure you have the issue resolved before attempting to pass an emission test.

Test Results Validity Period

  • Test results are good for one year as of the date of the test.
Knowing what to expect on the Northwest Territories vehicle emission test is a key step in passing the test. You can then use the below provided list in order to then find a ministry approved vehicle emission test center near you.

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