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Newfoundland uses a graduated system of motorcycle licensing that is designed to help you become a safe rider ready for the road. In order to obtain a full license you will have to pass several tests and ride under a few restrictions until you reach the fully licensed level.

1. Pass the Written Knowledge Test and Balance Test

In order to get your learner's permit and get started on your full motorcycle license, you will first need to prove you are ready by passing a knowledge test based on the motorcycle handbook. The questions will focus on motorcycle related rules of the road and traffic sign knowledge. Prepare for this test using the practice tests that mirror the real thing. You will also have to pass a motorcycle balance test before you can be issued a learner's permit.

2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

A motorcycle safety course is the best way to ensure that you are learning how to ride safely and legally, and to help you develop the skills you need in order to pass the road test for your license. It will also reduce the amount of time you must spend at the learner's permit level. can help you to find an approved motorcycle training school in your area.

3. Pass the Motorcycle Road Test

After one year with the learner's – or only 8 months if you have passed an approved motorcycle training course – you are eligible to take the road test for the 6II intermediate level license. This test will ask you to prove the skills you have learned since obtaining your learner's permit. You can schedule your road test at any Newfoundland and Labrador Driver Licensing location. Once you have completed 12 months on the 6II license with a clean driving record, you can upgrade to the full Class 6 license.

4. Get Insured

All motorcycle riders are required to carry insurance just like drivers of other vehicles. can help you to obtain and compare insurance quotes and get the coverage you need to get on the road.

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